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Do you use Internet Explorer? If so, it’s in your best interest to learn about the recent vulnerability discovered in Internet Explorer over the past weekend. The vulnerability is extremely serious – in fact, the vulnerability impacts IE versions 6 through 11, which means your corporate data might be at risk. The vulnerability can potentially […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved and matured. It is still an effective online marketing strategy for most businesses today. The following are the top SEO best practices to use to get the “hits” on your website that you’re looking for. Don’t use spam anchor text. Anchor text appears in highlighting within a hypertext link.  […]

 (April 28, 2014) — A significant vulnerability in Microsoft’s IE (Internet Explorer) was detected this past weekend that could affect your computers and business security.  NOTE: All versions of IE 6 through 11 for Windows are affected. No patch is available as of today (28 April 2014). This newly discovered exploit could be used against Microsoft’s […]

All types and sizes of business use cloud computing today.  Why?  Because it helps them reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies. While there are substantial benefits to using cloud services, there are also potential risks. To mitigate these risks, it’s essential that you choose a trusted cloud provider. The following are important questions you should […]

According to recent reports by McKinsey & Co. and the Hackett Group, most businesses are looking to spend less money on IT operations and infrastructure, in order to put resources towards areas that produce more revenue. The reports also found that the majority of respondents want to spend less on IT infrastructure while shifting resources […]

Last week, security researchers revealed details about a dangerous security flaw known as Heartbleed. The security flaw enables cybercriminals to access and steal data from compromised versions of OpenSSL, which is used to secure communications on many major websites on the Internet. Since the vulnerability was disclosed, there’s been a lot of concern regarding what […]

Entrepreneur magazine recently published a great infographic focused on why your business must have strong passwords.  There are some eye-opening facts on how long it takes an experienced hacker to crack a very simple password compared to more complex passwords.  Weak passwords leave your business vulnerable to attacks and your data at risk from being […]

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