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With more of your employees working from home or on the road, your business in the San Francisco or Los Angeles area requires a secure, easy-to-use remote access solution. The professionals at On Time Tech all agree that Citrix is the best choice. Why? — Because Citrix: Provides your remote employees secure access to your […]

Nothing is worse than having a series of computers become infected in your company, especially if you’re running a manufacturing firm. The loss of data, and takeover of your systems, is worrisome and provides major profit losses. Train Employees Helping your employees understand what false links are can be all the difference of a security […]

After reading this, you will wonder why you didn’t listen to the title in the first place. Adobe Flash is needed on all computers that are connected to the Internet. It provides browsers with the ability to view multimedia, run amazing applications, and stream video and audio. But there’s a problem, and here it is. […]

If running a business were easy, everyone would do it! No, this is hard work: between managing employees and figuring out how to attract customers better than the many competitors that are also competing for that same small pool of potential customers, it can be a real headache to keep your head above water as […]

Hate having to go through emails every day and waste time viewing the unimportant ones? Microsoft Office 365 has your inbox covered. Start Let Office 365 do the work for you, all you have to do is use your email as you do. Microsoft has already implemented Clutter and, if it isn’t already started, you […]

How closely do you guard your passwords? Probably pretty well, most of them are likely stored in a little notebook by your desk, or in an encrypted storage program, or even just kept up in a mental rolodex. We’re coming to an understanding that in the digital age the password can be the keys to […]

A recent vulnerability impacting Microsoft servers could allow hackers to gain domain user account privileges and compromise any computer in the domain! The hacker can essentially impersonate the domain administrator to: Install malicious programs View, change, or delete data Create new accounts Microsoft is aware of limited attacks that have attempted to exploit this vulnerability, […]

Along with all of its impressive features and capabilities, the Internet also presents a huge security risk. Odds are, you do your banking online, you shop online, and you spend time on social media. With all of this information about you floating around cyberspace, there is good reason to worry about tech-savvy cybercriminals being able […]

A few months ago Heartbleed, apparently named after a James Bond villain, was a security bug that made headlines even in major, non-tech focused publications. This well-known bug was a flaw in the OpenSSL cryptography library, which is a layer of security between your computer and the servers of many major online services. Hackers were […]

Fans of Showtime’s Homeland are sure to remember one of the peaks of Season 2’s plotline in which (spoiler alert) Brody kills the Vice President of the United States by sneaking into the VP’s bedroom and texting the serial number of the VP’s pacemaker to a faraway terrorist sitting at a computer. With a few […]

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