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Verizon Wireless has been receiving warnings for months from cybersecurity experts stating that they’ve been putting their customers’ privacy at risk. Computer codes used by Verizon to tag and follow their mobile subscribers are leaving them vulnerable to hidden tracking. It’s been reported this month that Turn – an advertising software company – was using […]

Over 1.3 billion people log into Facebook every day. Cybercriminals DROOL at the thought of all the scams they could run on even a tiny fraction of the user base. Too many people are eager to click the wrong link and end up downloading malware or leaking sensitive data that opens bank accounts, locks down […]

Do you own a small business or run a consulting company?  Read these important cybersecurity tips! When you’re the owner of a small business or working for yourself, it’s up to you to make sure that company data is being properly protected. If you fail to deal with encryption, security, and backup of your files, […]

With new technology security threats facing large and small companies around-the-clock and system security constantly changing, the time has never been better to find a new IT company. If you’re without support or your current IT provider isn’t cutting the mustard, here are 4 reasons why NOW is the perfect time to source a new […]

Microsoft Still Working on a Fix Google has discovered an issue that has the capacity to affect millions of computers and consumers’ sensitive data. The exploit was found and reported to Microsoft about 90 days ago, and Google gave Microsoft 90 days to fix the bug. The issue allows hackers to remotely execute code onto […]

Can you rely on the service you receive from your I.T. consulting company? Do they provide real solutions for the problems you face every day in your business, or do they just fix a computer when it’s broken and then wait for your next phone call? Your I.T. consulting company should be like an extension […]

When you’re looking for a new IT Services Firm, deciding on a company responsible for providing your businesses IT services and support will be an incredibly important choice. Check out our Infographic on the 5 most essential questions to ask.

Apple recently pushed through an OS X update to repair a security flaw, which may seem like nothing new. However, for the first time ever, they did it automatically, without even letting users know. Why? Because they felt the security issue was too serious to wait for consumers to patch it on their own. The […]

Be on the lookout for suspicious emails that claim to be from a federal agency – they could be a trap to steal your private information! A new campaign of email phishing attacks has been reported by US-CERT. The subject lines of these emails reference the Affordable Care Act, and they claim to be about […]

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