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Emails can be a distraction, and constant email checking diverts attention from important tasks. While it may not seem readily apparent, each time that an employee is interrupted by a new email alert, productivity levels decrease and negatively impact overall business performance. In fact, poor email management costs businesses approximately $650 billion dollars each year. […]

Any midsize or large company may be using the many valuable tools found with Sage ERP ACCPAC accounting software to streamline and operate their company more efficiently. But, does your IT services company really understand all the customized features which you can find using this powerful tool? Is you company getting the most effective use […]

IT companies talk a lot when they’re trying to lock you into a contract – but it’s the value they truly offer that matters. Does your current IT team really value you? Do they ensure you’re always functioning at your best, with effective technology and no disruptions? When your issues aren’t taken seriously or heard […]

43% of Companies Have Experienced a Costly Data Breach… Don’t Become the Next Victim!   Small to mid-size businesses are becoming increasingly worried about cyber threats. And, with good reason—many cyber criminals target SMBs due to their vulnerability, and they often succeed. This is because most SMBs are hardly ever prepared to defend themselves against […]

If your business doesn’t have a disaster recovery plan in place and you have no plans to adopt one in the near future, think again. xfThe statistics are not in your favor. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 75 percent of organizations that fail to implement a business continuity plan are forced to close […]

Communication: It is essential in all aspects of life, because without interaction, there is no mutual understanding between individuals, which means there is no foundation for long-term relationships to develop upon. We get that – and we strive to build long-term relationships with each and every one of our clients. That is where our full […]

On July 29, 2015, Microsoft will launch Windows 10 with an array of added features. The new operating system will also be markedly different from its predecessors due to a number of lost and/or altered functionalities: Windows Updates: Unlike previous Windows versions, which allowed you to control updates, Windows 10 will install updates automatically. This […]

4 Great Tips to Make Typing Simpler Than Ever Before! Sure, you’ve got the latest smartphone on the market, but you’re still struggling with the small, frustrating keyboard that makes you feel like you’ve got the biggest fingers in the world. When you’re trying to respond to an important text or email, you’re all over […]

We Focus on Meeting Your Expectations, Solving Your Challenges & Helping You Grow… Does your IT company perform strategic business reviews on a regular basis or do they simply come in to implement technologies, fix issues as they arise – and that’s about it? Are you satisfied with having a team who simply installs equipment, […]

Spending Tons of Money Just to Keep Your Technology Working? Switch to Fixed-Cost IT Support – Saving You Time, Money & Hassle! You depend on technology to get work done – allowing you to communicate with your clients, access important information, and stay productive throughout the day. The problem is, if you’re paying by the […]

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