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Imagine Batteries That Last a Lifetime… Now Imagine That Dream Becoming Reality. Could Solid State Batteries Be the Answer to Your Low Battery Frustrations? A battery that lasts a lifetime seems to be the impossible dream, but researchers from Samsung and MIT have developed a new material for use in basic battery components that, according […]

Cheaters Strike Back: Lawyers in Conference Room Back in July, many users had their personal information breached and exposed in a recent company hack that hit Ashley Madison hard- affecting over 39 million users. On August 16th, a group of anonymous hackers posted all of the data from the website’s database on the web, including […]

As business apps and the use of mobile devices become more of a standard in the workplace today, companies need to be aware of the inherent risks involved. Hacker-made fake apps and compromised personal mobile devices can be detrimental to the security of corporate and private information, so to keep safe, the risks need to […]

Windows 10 Is Now Available…It is crucial that you check with your IT experts before you make the move to this new version of Windows. In our years of providing IT services and support for a wide range of industries, On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco has learned many valuable lessons. One of those lessons is that the newest or […]

Protect Your Livelihood with The Most Reliable IT Support in San Francisco There’s nothing more valuable than peace of mind. When you’re constantly worried about your network, servers, and livelihood, it’s impossible to give 100% to your work. That’s why On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco provides comprehensive and reliable IT support – we work as your IT partner, so that […]

Running A Version of Internet Explorer Between IE7 – IE11? You’re at Risk for Malware Infection! If you’re running a supported version of Internet Explorer – from IE7 to IE11, you’re at risk for malware infection through a serious vulnerability, wherein your systems can be infected when you browse to a malware riddled website. Microsoft […]

Imagine you’re prepping for an important presentation – clients are waiting, your team is ready to go, and suddenly all of your computers shut down. Or you’re in a medical practice, trying to diagnose a patient, and you can’t access their charts. Nothing stunts productivity like downtime; when you can’t access your resources, you can’t […]

You heard that right – there’s another new and exciting Office 365 plan for your business to get acquainted with. At On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco we always work to ensure you’re utilizing the right solutions for your unique needs, and Microsoft offers a wide host of options to accommodate different business requirements. The thing is, Office 365 plans […]

When you set objectives for your business, it’s easy to let them slide away over time. It’s not because you don’t want to accomplish your goals, but often because you simply don’t have the right services to help attain them.   On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco prides itself on ensuring our clients’ technology is aligned with their business objectives, […]

It’s unavoidable – there comes a time when all trusted hardware becomes outdated, old, or obsolete. When that happens, you have to ask yourself a question – should your company continue to go through periodic hardware refreshes? Innovative cloud services such as Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are paving the way in this area, […]

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