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Many unknowing consumers are now asking if they are able to stop paying for online backup because of disaster recovery technology. The answer to this question: A resounding NO! This topic can be somewhat confusing to customers who don’t understand the difference between backup and disaster recovery. Modern disaster recovery has changed considerably over the […]

We know that IT about more than just hardware and computers – it’s about solutions. It’s about pushing your business beyond expectations by maximizing your capabilities and eliminating disruptions. With the right IT support, there are no limits to what you’ll achieve. Reach out to On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco for the guidance, strategy and support you need to leverage […]

Still on The Fence? Two Crucial Reasons Your Business Needs to Consider AWS There’s a lot of information out there regarding the cloud – at times, we’ve found that many business owners are struggling to decipher fact from fiction. So what’s really holding you back? When it comes to options, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides […]

 Are You Still Running An In-house Microsoft Exchange Server? We want to bring awareness to changes on November 1st.  Microsoft Exchange servers with a non-public domain name attached to the SSL certificate will no longer be able to acquire this essential security keeping your company data secure.  These changes mean that email may be negatively impacted […]

Android Mobile Security Did you know that Android devices are highly vulnerable to viruses? From locking your android smartphone with a pattern or pin to installing a security app, these tips will help keep your information secure and safe. Android devices are the most susceptible to malware, most fragmented and least secure fresh out of […]

Is your data really safe in the cloud? Does it make business sense to move to the cloud? On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco addresses all of your cloud security concerns! Knowing the concerns of your organization will be the first step towards the cloud. When it comes to the cloud, there’s a lot of concerns related to compliance, location […]

Jailbroken Devices Being Targeted By ‘Key Raider” iOS Malware… Are You At Risk? Apple account credentials for more than 225,000 individual accounts have been stolen by sophisticated malware that specifically targets modified or jailbroken iOS devices. This malware, referred to as Key Raider, gives attackers the ability to lock user’s devices in order to secure […]

Look Out For Cryptolocker Viruses That Hold YOUR Data For Ransom! While any hack on your computer is a scary experience, can you imagine being ransomed for your own data? A new trend in digital attacks known as cryptolocker ransomware viruses doesn’t even bother with conventional goals of hacking. Whereas traditional hacks aim to  steal […]

How Bots Kicked Ashley Madison Out of the Game For those of you who don’t know how malware works, and how Ashley Madison got so infected, database infection all boils down to the evil bots. A bot is simply a chunk of automated software that has set functions. Other reference terms for bots include spiders, […]

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