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While Microsoft will be ending extended support for SQL Server 2005 on April 12, 2016, don’t forget that support for Windows Server 2003 ended on July 14, 2015.  Now would be the time to migrate to a SQL Server 2014 or Azure SQL Database to achieve breakthrough performance and optimize your data platform infrastructure while maintaining […]

An innovative technology that helps businesses save significant amounts of money as well as operate with greater efficiency is known as virtualization. This concept was first implemented into larger companies that had considerable IT resources, however, now businesses of all sizes are jumping on board. But how do you know if virtualization is right for […]

We Can’t Afford to Ignore Mobile Device Management… Discover the Trick to Protecting Your Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets Against Catastrophic Cybercrime – Before Sensitive Information Gets Disclosed. It’s no secret: the amount of mobile devices being used in business environments is higher than ever before – and regardless of what industry you’re operating in, you’re […]

Is Your Protected Health Information at Risk? Recent reports have shown some major shortcomings in the way that most hospitals and healthcare providers manage data access. These security flaws mean that your protected health information may not be as secure as it needs to be. A research study was done by IS Decisions asking healthcare […]

Ensure You’re Maintaining HIPAA Compliance with The Guard When IT companies are setting you up with protection and security, they too often forget one crucial thing – compliance. Perhaps because it varies from industry to industry, some technology providers simply don’t offer compliance services; and that’s incredibly dangerous, especially in the medical field. On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco knows […]

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to today’s modern business market, and as these threats continue to grow in sophistication and severity, without having the proper network security solutions, they can become a major organizational challenge.  With this in mind, October has been named “Cyber Security Awareness Month”, to promote awareness of digital threats and how […]

Companies depend on information technology more than ever before. Do you trust your existing IT provider to empower your business to reach greater innovation and higher cash-flow? You’re operating in an increasingly competitive, technology-dependent business environment, which means you must leverage information technology to reach greater innovation and higher cash-flow, in order to stay ahead. […]

And It’s Costlier Than You’d Think to Wake Up. Imagine your worst nightmare: coming into the office, turning on your desktop, and finding that all of your data is gone – financial records, customer information, everything – deleted. IT shouldn’t be something you’re afraid of; but when cybercriminals start causing trouble, it’s crucial that you […]

Any worthwhile IT support provider can prevent your IT problems from happening, or at least address them the minute they occur. Outdated IT support models are based around break/fix, wherein a problem is only addressed after-the-fact, which still results in costly downtime and other expenditures for repair and replacement. With the right configuration and contingency […]

5 Vital Technology Trends That Will Maximize Your IT Investment On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco understands that effective IT is all about strategy. In order to provide solutions, we need to understand your challenges. With proactive care and support, you benefit from a much lower risk of downtime and fewer obstacles. Our IT professionals provide strategies and solutions designed […]

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