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Your laptop more than likely acts as a lifeline when it comes to your business needs. It’s crucial you select the perfect device that matches your everyday work life. Here is a list of the best business-focused laptops. From overall business to ultra-portability to best battery life. Best for Business: Lenovo ThinkPad T450s Type: Business, […]

The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center had been hacked by ransomware on February 5th 2016. The attacker seized control of the hospital’s computer systems with encryption and offered back access only when the ransom was paid. The hacker demanded an astounding $3.7 million worth of bitcoins (9,000 bitcoins) but the hospital was only able to pay […]

Could Your Digital Assets End Up Being “Trumped”? Presidential candidate Jeb Bush got the surprise of a lifetime not long ago when he got “trumped”. Traffic headed to his campaign website at was mysteriously being redirected to rival campaigner Donald Trump’s website. While Trump denies any involvement with the incident, the cost this is […]

Such a dangerous sentence, yet so widely used. Small businesses tend to think they are invincible when it comes to cybercriminal attacks and this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you are at risk every single day you refuse to upgrade your security systems. Your small business might as well have a red […]

I think we can all agree that Microsoft Word is the most popular and easy-to-use word processor available out there. Most businesses rely on Microsoft Word to get work done, but little do some know, there are ways to boost productivity and make it even easier to use! Here’s how you can simplify your everyday […]

You might have noticed how productive businesses can be now that the workforce is becoming more and more mobilized. What you might not have noticed, however, is just how risky that can be. Encryption can be the difference between saving and losing your business. A lost and/or stolen laptop can be absolutely devastating if not […]

Credit bureau Experian is in a bit of hot water (again) over a recent data breach that may have exposed roughly 15 million U.S. consumers who were not only T-Mobile subscribers, but also people who applied for T-Mobile postpaid services or device financing between Sept 1, 2013 and Sept 16, 2015. The data includes: Names […]

In modern business environments, collaboration is vital – all departments and staff members must be able to communicate and work together on projects, in order to remain ahead of the competition. As industries of all types focus more heavily on collaboration than ever before, businesses are becoming more proactive and engaged, and if you haven’t […]

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