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Almost every business has an online presence today. Whether it be a website or payroll database, a lot of work gets done via the Internet. And, why not? Technology has made it easy for businesses, such as mine, to save, share and communicate. The cloud, in particular, allows me to send data in real-time. An […]

Many small businesses struggle to share information across different departments. We recently received a call from a client who needed help integrating their remote workers into day-to-day operations. They were having a particularly difficult time making sure every team member had the information they needed to make effective decisions. They didn’t need to simply share […]

Managed IT services are a great outsourcing option that can save money and improve efficiency for service firms, such as doctor’s offices, law, and accounting firms. Service firms that hire outsourced managed IT services from managed service providers (MSPs) don’t have to worry about staffing an IT person or department, which allows service firms to […]

Don’t be an April Fool on March 31. Make sure all your important business data is 100% protected. World Backup Day is March 31, 2016. On Aug. 3, 2012, Wired journalist Mat Honan’s entire digital life was ruined. How? Hackers broke into Mat’s iCloud account and deleted everything, wiping out his phone, computer and tablet. […]

When employees email and surf the web with company computers, it is legal to monitor their usage, but is it ethical? Monitoring can help prevent employee theft, sabotage, or lawsuits. For example, your company may be legally liable if an employee spends time on websites with illegal content, or downloads material from the Web that […]

Far too often management and leadership are assumed to be identical directive strategies. However, to effectively lead, one must do more than just manage. More and more, systems of management are being replaced by systems of leadership to better equip management teams in the pursuit of operational success. However, the transition isn’t always cut and […]

There’s a new strain of ransomware, yet again, and it goes by the name of Cerber. Cerber in itself has a new feature that makes it quite odd, it speaks to you. Yes, not only do you get to enjoy knowing your systems are infected with ransomware, but you also get to hear it. Over, […]

Outsourcing your IT can be one of the smartest moves you do. Technology is truly one of the most important aspects of your business – it holds all of your confidential information within its confines and allows you to collaborate with others with ease. And it’s crucial you keep that technology safe and reliable to […]

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