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Cyber security is an increasing issue for both small- and mid-sized companies, as threats continue to come in from a variety of sources. As a matter of fact, small- and mid-sized companies are attractive targets for cyber attacks. That’s because automation makes it easy and cost-effective for cyber criminals to launch attacks on small- and […]

During late March of 2016, a vulnerability now called Badlock was found in the popular business network application Samba. Samba enables different kinds of computers to connect to files and printers on Microsoft Windows servers, the central platform for many businesses. Badlock is particularly serious, because it not only affects a whole range of different […]

By now, most people are aware of the harm that both viruses and malware can do to your sensitive information. This is also an issue that small businesses need to be concerned about as their financial and customer information could be compromised. A new threat, USB Thief, means that computer users might not even realize […]

Everyone in the business world knows that LinkedIn is a powerful tool. However, many businesses have neglected to maximize its potential for marketing success. There is far more to LinkedIn than just connecting with some users and joining a few conversations. As LinkedIn continues to evolve, an increasing number of valuable features are being made […]

Spam From the Cloud I hate spam. I really do. And if you’re like me, you hate spam, too. Possibly something even worse are those robocallers, but you can probably figure them out pretty quickly. The problem is that now telemarketers have a new way to get into our faces — and it’s cheap. It’s […]

One of the biggest threats to businesses today is ransomware. These attacks have become so frequent that the US Department of Homeland Security was forced to team with the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre to educate the public about how to deal with these issues. In fact, the infections are so dangerous that in a […]

Creating a password is not as easy as it has been in the past. People today are forced to make stronger passwords and keep track of several different ones. While this may seem complicated, it is important to create a strong password so that your information can be kept safe and secure. Use these tips […]

Disasters of the natural and cyber nature happen every day and many smaller companies are simply not prepared for the immense amount of recovery that it takes to get back to work. As a mid or smaller level company it is essential that a business continuity plan be in place to aid in the recovery […]

A number of organizations are on track to review privileged online activity with reviews due for completion in the next two years. These reviews are expected to cut down on data theft and leakage by around one-third. In the meantime, there are a few things your IT department can do to manage privileged accounts and […]

Not much wrecks your day like losing your computer files. It might be ten years of family photos. It could be the payroll list for your company. It might be the proofs for a manuscript. Documents like these can’t be replaced easily. It can take days of effort to recover or rebuild, and you may […]

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