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It’s easy to think of Memorial Day as a convenient day off in a busy calendar and the start of summer, but we suggest you take a step back and think a bit harder about it. Millions of men and women have put their lives on the line to defend our collective way of life. […]

These days, being held for ransom has taken on a whole new meaning–and your business technology’s biggest threat is virtual, persistent, and extremely difficult to pin down. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), ransomware attacks are on the rise—and businesses are becoming increasingly targeted over individual consumers due to their ability and willingness […]

With the free upgrade period for Windows 10 ending July 29th many business owners are wondering whether there might be show-stopping surprises waiting for them when their new PCs boot up Microsoft’s newest OS for the first time. Fortunately, for most businesses there are only a handful of serious issues to be concerned about. How […]

Business owners interested in automating business processes to reduce overhead and increase efficiencies will want to take note of what the Wendy’s restaurant chain is doing. The fast-food giant announced that during the latter half of 2016, it will deploy self-service kiosks across its more than 6,000 restaurants. It is not the first fast-food restaurant […]

Should company executives be held accountable for data breaches? It is a question currently being asked in business and legal circles around the world. The threat of digital security breaches is quickly ramping upward as we hurtle forward into the age of the Internet and the computerization of just about everything. About One-Third of IT […]

IT service organizations are a dime a dozen here in the San Francisco metro area, however many of our competitors are focused on the wrong thing. Many of them continue to drive your medical clinic towards compliance with HIPAA regulations, and even many of the other regulatory statutes imposed by associations and governments. On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco focuses on more. […]

Technology has made the CPA’s job easier, but while you may be an expert in accounting, you are probably not a tech specialist. A managed IT service company can give you the edge with their expertise and knowledge. With increasing reliance on electronic data management systems, client portals, and email communications, the risk of hacking, […]

Google Chrome has stopped supporting certain operating systems on both PC and Mac platforms as of April 2016. This means security updates and patches will stop and certain unsupported browsers might become unstable, leaving older operating systems increasingly vulnerable to attack from opportunistic individuals and malicious software. Where does that leave users in the face […]

Every organization needs a functioning IT infrastructure. Access to customer data, applications and finance info is critical to the success of any business. When systems fail, your employees, your customers and your bottom line suffer. The Problem With Reactive IT Management Avoiding common problems that lead to IT system breakdown is possible for the vast […]

There are too many ‘free’ anti-virus software packages out there nowadays. It always seems like such an amazing deal, right? Keep your computer and data protected for free! Why wouldn’t this be an awesome thing? If you do a bit of research on the ‘free’ anti-virus programs, some computer companies won’t even install them on […]

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