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Data is the information backbone of any given business venture or organization, and as such should really be treated like the Holy Grail that it is. It needs to be stored in such a way that makes it easily accessible to those who have the strict access permissions to view and use it – and […]

In June of this year a massive hacking incident occurred that involved over 32 million accounts. According to LeakedSource, the Dark Web came into possession of the information linked to those accounts and put it up for sale. If you haven’t switched to two-factor authentication (2FA, a.k.a. TFA, or multi-factor authentication, or MFA) for your […]

We’ve all had some experience in Microsoft Word, perhaps the most popular program in the Office Suite (many would argue). But many still don’t realize that there are quite a few hidden features in Word that, when learned, will help make you into a master of the globally-instituted document composition platform. Here are 10 key […]

We’re all familiar with the regularity and severity of ransomware attacks. Most of us are also fully cognizant of the consequences of such cyberattacks. But, many still do not know exactly what to do when hit by a ransomware attack to remedy their PCs and computer networks of this most egregious form of cyberattack. This […]

With the many warning signs and cautionary tales out there coming fast in the form of cyberattacks that highlight the need for businesses to attain a greater level of security, a surprising number of SMB enterprises are still opting-out of better data protection and cybersecurity. Why is that? The main culprit for this dangerous stubbornness […]

Whether or not you are concerned about making your website more secure, switching to an HTTPS security-encrypted web platform is still a good idea. Why, you ask? Because having that extra level of security for your browser and site visitors will increase your Google ranking. This is actually old news, and was announced on the […]

For starters, you will want to very regularly back-up your mobile phone’s data, which will mitigate your worry about data exploitation or loss in case of something like a malware or virus attack.  Also, keep your mobile device’s software and applications updated and upgraded wherever possible. You can also streamline your phone’s performance (allowing your […]

Because there are as yet no standardized policies on cybersecurity in the business world, most small-to-medium-sized outfits are virtually on their own when it comes to creating cyber defense protocols and controls. Specifically, the SMBs who have no CTO, CIO, or vCIO to speak of, and who outsource only a minimal amount of IT support […]

According to a recent Security Week article, cyber situational awareness demands “an all-encompassing approach” to threat analysis, monitoring, and risk assessment, and that goes for anyone doing online business or even simple personal Web surfing.  Internet intelligence, enterprise intelligence, and threat intelligence all play a significant role in this endeavor aimed at greater cyber safety. […]

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