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As smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices become a more essential part of our lives with each passing day, the same must become true in terms of mobile security. Viruses don’t just affect desktop and laptop computers – with millions upon millions of iPhone and Android devices in the wild, it makes sense that eventually […]

The GDPR brings a new set of data regulations: Here’s what to know and if you need to do anything.   Over the past several months, conversations have arisen concerning the new GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation created by the EU. It’s quickly moving from a casual bit of IT news to an important […]

This article talks about network problems and some of the signs that it may need to be upgraded. With the network infrastructure becoming a major part of doing business, it is important to get it right.   For most businesses, Wi-Fi is considered an essential need. If the network connection goes down at the office, […]

From improving efficiency and productivity to making it easier than ever for your team to process orders and complete projects rapidly. Automation is already having a significant impact on how businesses handle orders, complete projects and serve customers. From machine learning to creating software robots that perform the kinds of repetitive tasks that most humans […]

Technology is changing the way businesses operate and connect with prospects; how will innovation change your business?   The self-driving, ride-sharing car, robots that replace humans when it comes to not only manual labor but the inputting and processing of data and even the ability to build an entire home in 24 hours or less using 3D printing. These […]

The team of IT experts at On Time Tech is thrilled to announce that they have been named to Penton Technology’s 2017 MSPmentor 501 Global Edition at a global ranking of 334! The MSPmentor 501 Global Edition is a distinguished list and report that identifies the world’s top 501 IT Managed Service Providers (MSP’s). Each year, […]

Harley-Davidson managed to turn their fortunes around by making use of predictive analytics. Here is a detailed analysis of how they made it work.   Asaf Jacobi was selling one or two Harley-Davidson motorcycles a week at his New York dealership. One day during winter, he decided to take a walk in Riverside Park and came […]

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