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Whether in business, at home or out at play we are connected to the internet all day, all the time.   We check our smartphones every five seconds.  As a business, it’s much of the same thing.  We are connected with the office, with clients, and with vendors.  You might store your important data on […]

It’s a familiar story and every business has been there. Deadlines are looming, customer requests are at an all-time high and to-do lists are longer than ever. Then, management remembers there’s a pile of overdue accounting paperwork that needs to be delegated and payroll deadlines are around the corner. Suddenly, core business tasks and customer […]

The three Titans, Google, Microsoft and Apple address security issues with KRACK.   Just when everyone thought Wi-Fi was safe, that illusion was recently shattered.  Security researcher Mathy Vanhoef has discovered a vulnerability that he’s calling “KRACK.”  The flaw is in the WPA2 protocol, and everyone’s Wi-Fi network is at risk of being hacked.  The […]

A discussion of how to meet all of your objectives and stay within your budget at the exact same time when it comes to IT.   In many ways, information technology is the backbone of your business. When your infrastructure is functioning properly, it’s one of the most powerful enablers you have. It’s a productivity […]

Discover the new enterprise approach used by cybercriminals and what you can do to defend your company against these attacks.   The New Approach by Sophisticated Cybercriminals Battling the dark side of cybercriminals has been a challenge for over a decade.  Their attacks have included everything from offering you a huge sum of money to […]

Accounting firms that move into the cloud become more efficient, more productive, more mobile, and, perhaps more importantly, more profitable. Here are the clear benefits of what to expect when you move your firm into the cloud.   What’s the perfect setup for a football Sunday?  Everything within reach from the remote to the recliner […]

More businesses move to the cloud each day.  Learn how offering cloud accounting services can send your practice to new heights.   With the increasing availability of cloud technology, more and more accounting firms are floating up onto the cloud, almost as if they have stolen a taste of Willy Wonka’s famous Fizzy Lifting Drink.  No […]

Whether or not you believe Kaspersky was an active partner in the recent malicious hack of NSA documents, things aren’t looking good for the security giant.   Kaspersky is in the antivirus business, and business isn’t good these days.  The Russian-owned organization is at the center of the massive conspiracy around data theft from the […]

In business, one of your greatest assets is foresight.  Put your planning potential to good use with a solid business continuity plan to ensure your company survives any incident, big or small.   When it comes to business, we have to foresee an entire range of potential bumps in the road. From minor challenges like […]

If you’ve purchased a Mac expecting to never have to be concerned with malware or hacking, think again!  A recent exploit is targeting Mac users.  The good news?  It’s preventable. Mac users have long touted the fact that Apple computers are much less likely than computers running Microsoft Windows to be hacked, but that era […]

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