Thanksgiving is around the corner and people are giving thanks for many things. Are you among those who give thanks that your business survived the hacks and data leaks that have affected companies in the U.S. this year? If so, spare a thought for those companies counting losses incurred from some of the worst ransomware and malware in history. Did you hire a managed IT services provider in San Francisco to help shield your network from unauthorized access or have you survived by luck?

Assuming you made it through on luck alone, how confident are you that lucky streak will continue? Don’t you think it is time you thought about securing your networks and keeping intruders away proactively?

We believe not all business who claim they were not hacked are telling the truth. Maybe from their understanding, they think all hacks are meant to steal specific data or crash the firm’s IT system. In truth, some intruders can hack into a system and stay connected and copy all the data from your systems without harming you.

You cannot afford to take your IT network security for granted. You need to hire a managed IT services provider in San Francisco that has what it takes to secure your network and ensure there are no intruders lurking in your IT system. Here are questions that you should ask when shopping around for a managed security service provider (MSSP) for your firm:

  • Does the MSSP have the capacity to handle your IT security needs?
  • Can the MSSP detect who has been connecting to your IT systems?
  • Can the MSSP come up with a plan to keep intruders away from your IT system?

What to Look For in an MSSP?

  • Years of experience: A good MSSP should have been in the business for some time. This will give you the confidence that they can handle a wide variety of IT security issues. Ask for references from firms that have used the MSSP’s services over time.
  • Level of support: It is important for you to know that your MSSP will be watching your back when you are away from the office and that you can reach the firm in case you need any help.
  • Location of the MSSP: Some managed security service providers boast that they offer local services. Check their location and ask exactly what they mean by “local services”. Remember not all IT security services can be offered remotely. Choose an MSSP that is within your reach.
  • Financial analysis of their services: Demand the MSSP to give you a full financial analysis of what their services will cost.

In the business world, you have no option but to protect your data and that of your customers’ from potential hacks. At On Time Tech, we are experienced managed IT services provider in San Francisco with the relevant skills and expertise needed to keep your IT systems safe. Contact us today for a free quotation.