If you have a leak and need to call a plumber, you probably wouldn’t call one based in New York; the same logic should apply when you are looking for IT services in San Francisco, as there are a number of reasons why a local managed services provider will be more of a benefit to you.

When it comes to choosing an MSP, there is a multitude of options scattered across the globe. Although they will mainly be dealing with your technology issues and in theory can handle problems remotely, it pays to consider the advantages of using a local company.

Efficiency and Speed

If a managed services provider is located in your city, there is an immediate benefit when it comes to responsiveness. Although any MSP worth their salt will be providing round-the-clock support, having one not only in the same time zone but also in the same city, will increase the speed with which they can deal with any issues you have.

Downtime is one of the most pressing problems companies face, and the need to get your systems back up and running is essential. Instead of being left at the end of a 1-800 number, hoping to speak to someone who can help you, a local service will be easier to contact. Not only that, they can even send a service technician around to your offices if deemed necessary. It is a much more comforting notion than waiting for a third-party contracted by a remote services provider to arrive and try to cope with your issues.


Making the decision to work with an IT services company needs careful consideration. As that company aims to improve your productivity and efficiency, you need to be sure that they are on your side and have all the information they require to enable them to do this. Although there are many and varied ways of connecting with such a company, how much better if that first meeting can actually be arranged in person?

Working with IT services providers in San Francisco should be first and foremost a partnership. Knowing who will be working alongside you, and exactly who will be at the end of the phone in times of trouble, garners a feeling of mutual trust and can only help the working relationship.

Local Expertise

Another excellent advantage in having a services provider nearby is that they have very good local knowledge about the technological problems or advantages in your particular city and be able to exploit these to give you an edge over your competitors. All markets are different and you would expect your MSP to be able to tailor their products to your specific needs. However, when your MSP is in the same city, their understanding of your specific market and the particular difficulties you face will be far superior.

With all these benefits, it makes sense to use IT services in San Francisco to help your business succeed by surpassing your competitors. If you are considering working with a managed services company, On Time Tech is based in San Francisco and can help you do that. Contact us now to see how we can help.