Every organization nowadays is concerned with hacking. This includes small businesses, multinational corporations, and even public entities. Hackers are willing to attack companies of all sizes and types. In fact, 2016 was a banner year for hackers in terms of data breaches. These evil-doers exposed more than four billion records in this year alone. It is clear hackers are getting better at what they do. Happily, help is available to protect your data. You can have a defense when you ally with an IT support team in San Francisco, and you will sleep well at night knowing your company’s data is as secure as possible.

Proactive Hack Prevention

In most instances, once a hack occurs the situation only gets worse. You need a proven IT support crew in San Francisco on your side to stop hacks before they occur. Let the tech experts review your digital security protections, make the appropriate alterations, and prevent those data breaches before they wreak havoc on your system.

‘Round the Clock Monitoring

The typical business does not have enough resources to monitor their network activity around the clock. However, such monitoring goes a long way in reducing response time to digital attacks and breaches. You need a proven IT experts in your corner to monitor your company’s network, production environment and branches.

Consider the following statistic from the Ponemon Institute. It takes the average financial business nearly 100 days to identify advanced threats. This amount of time is unacceptable. Such a delay has the potential to let massive problems develop and eventually put a company out of business.

Imagine letting a hacker access all of your files and information for 100 days. Think of the damage he could do in such a period of time. You need 24/7 monitoring to detect threats, reduce damage following breaches, and preserve the integrity of your systems. The bottom line is few in-house IT teams have the ability to operate at such a level. You need the assistance of a managed services provider with ample bandwidth for continuous monitoring.

The Team Approach Your Business Needs

Consider how effective an entire team of IT support personnel will be compared to a few in-house employees. If a data breach occurs, a couple of IT workers you have on staff must respond to it while managing their daily duties. This is a recipe for a disaster.

Ally with a managed services provider and you will be backed by an entire group of talented tech superstars. Do not wait until it is too late. Lean on the experts at an IT support business now so they have the time necessary to learn all the nuances of your infrastructure, identify your vulnerabilities, and proactively combat digital threats.

If you are even the slightest bit concerned with digital security, we can help. At On Time Tech, our digital security gurus can analyze your current setup, identify areas for improvement, and prevent data breaches. We will fortify your network, implement protections against viruses, and minimize your downtime. Our IT support team in San Francisco can also assist you with general IT, the cloud, VoIP, implementing the latest tech solutions and so much more. Contact us now to get it started.