Managed IT services in San Francisco are becoming increasingly necessary in a modern world that has transcended the 9-to-5 and now functions operationally around the clock. Las Vegas is no longer the city that never sleeps. Today, even small towns with many SMBs are finding that they have to remain available around the clock to handle changing client needs. When it comes to security, though, hackers never sleep. As a matter of fact, you’re likely to find them at their most active in the “wee small hours of the morning,” as the old song goes. That’s when the majority of individuals sleep and when anomalous activity is less likely to be noticed. In short, there are many reasons to upgrade your business such that it has round-the-clock support. These include:

  • Expanded security
  • Increased availability for clients
  • Associated cost reduction
  • More competitive ability

Extended Security

Providers of managed IT services in San Francisco need to monitor operations 24/7. When it comes to security, even the smallest business is going to be at risk. Cybercriminals know that smaller businesses are less likely to have continuous monitoring at night. They also know that security, in general, may not exist. Ransomware, malware, spyware, adware— you name it, if it’s malicious and can hold your system hostage, it’s going to be aimed at your business. When there’s a dedicated security solution watching operations around the clock, unavoidable anomalous behavior is acted on, and your business is protected.

Increased Availability for Clients

It’s no good having a business available around the clock if it isn’t properly secured. Client information can be stolen. Sensitive information is a means to an end for hackers, especially in financial, legal or health industries. If you’re providing the right services, but they aren’t monitored and secured by your MSP, you could be putting clients at risk.

Meanwhile, when you’re always available for clients the moment they need you and they know that their interactions with you will not compromise personal information, you’re likely to see an increase in both retention and acquisition.

Associated Cost Reduction

It’s expensive to deal with the fallout of a cybercriminal attack. You could even face bankruptcy if the hacking event happens at the wrong time. With 24/7 support, though, you make more money with clients while reducing losses from avoidable security compromises.

Remember that your security isn’t just compromised by hackers. Sometimes, equipment can fail at a critical juncture, or overnight employees can make mistakes on end-user portals that tax your system. Around-the-clock support sees all those anomalies, corrects bad behavior and can stop trends that would harm your infrastructure.

More Competitive Ability

When you’re available around the clock, saving money in terms of “catch-up” and have generally more secure operations, it increases your ability to compete in the marketplace. You can bet that if your competitors aren’t already using 24/7 IT services, they’re definitely thinking about it. Beat them to the punch, or catch up with them and outrun them.

Securing 24/7 Services

Managed IT services in San Francisco through On Time Tech can provide you with round-the-clock MSP solutions. Contact us to reduce operational costs, expand security, acquire more clients and be more competitive. Tech is always developing, so remain on the cutting edge.