Most of today’s IT support professionals in San Francisco are aware that a business needs to make backups of its digital files and applications in offsite locations. While there are various ways to accomplish offsite backups, such as using portable storage devices, the safest and most efficient way is to use a cloud service.

Problems with Portable Transfers

Data breaches are sometimes associated with portable devices that a business entrusted an individual to monitor and manage the data. Many times, the problem involves misplacing a thumb drive or other storage media at a public venue. Losing a thumb drive at a restaurant can create a long list of problems including violating regulatory policies. If confidential data of your customers is breached, it could lead to long-term litigation.

How a Breach Can Tie Up Your Business

If you entrust an IT support technician in San Francisco with your data and it leads to a breach, it can slow down your business, causing the focus to shift to damages. Any leakage of confidential information will hurt your reputation and may even lead you to lose customers. If the future of your company becomes dealing with angry customers, it will put pressure on meeting your business goals.

Uptime is essential and expected in today’s business world. If your data is not backed up in multiple locations and cannot be easily accessed, it can slow down productivity and even lead to downtime. When you know where copies of your data are and have a process for its quick restoration, your disaster backup and recovery plan is well-envisioned.

Advantages of Cloud Backups

Many businesses are turning to backing up their data in the cloud as a simple way to achieve off-site data backup. Cloud storage is an affordable solution, particularly for small businesses. Some of the well-known brands offering backup and disaster recovery (BDR) space include:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Dropbox

These platforms allow you to store documents, photos and other digital files in your cloud account. You can get a variety of features, depending on your cloud provider. Automation is a helpful feature that allows you to automatically save your data to the cloud. Access to your files and software programs will be easy from any device in any location at any time.

The cloud is a secure place to keep your data, as long as your workers’ devices are not stolen. It helps to develop your own company security policies that involve employees bringing their own mobile devices to work. You can use centralized software to monitor which devices are allowed on your network to ensure privacy. Otherwise, the cloud is a convenient place to store data and make workplaces more flexible. It’s ideal if your employees are allowed to work on projects outside of business hours.

The combination of the cloud and IT support in San Francisco can modernize your business to a level that improves productivity and efficiency. You will have a safe place to store and backup your data, as well as access to cutting-edge tools. Contact us at On Time Tech to learn more about how we can help your business cut costs with cloud solutions.