Are you happy with the way your company copes with technology issues, or should you really find out what IT services in San Francisco can do for you? They aren’t as expensive as you may think and will probably even save you money.

Your Company Can’t Survive Without Technology

Technology is everywhere— whether we are using it in our personal life or as part of our work, it is an essential addition to almost everything we do. Unfortunately, even the most robust systems occasionally break down, and how you cope with the problem is going to be the deciding factor in your success. It can be expensive to employ an IT team, even a small one, so a great many small businesses rely on emergency and on-call IT specialists.

Of course, they will only be called out if there is a problem, but because your need for them is time-critical, their basic costs can spiral quickly. You have to add up the time taken for them to get to you to start working, the time it takes them to get up to speed with a possibly unfamiliar system, any software, hardware or upgrades that are required to solve the problem, and the total cost to your company caused by the downtime in services.  Unfortunately, what starts out looking like a saving is likely to be very expensive, and become more so as your IT system ages. And that doesn’t even take into account any security issues you may have, whether because of hackers or accidental errors caused by your staff.

How to Solve this Costly Problem

Luckily, there is a solution. IT services in San Francisco can be the light at the end of the tunnel. Although they will charge you a recurring monthly fee, there is a whole host of benefits. Firstly, the cost will be exactly the same each month which allows you to budget more accurately, but it is the improvements they can make to your IT infrastructure that gives you the real advantage.

Instead of just mending parts of your IT system as and when they break, their ethos will be more proactive as they will identify where the weak points are, correcting them as they go. They will be able to support you in improving all aspects of your infrastructure to make your business processes streamlined and more efficient, and can even help train and support your staff in new aspects of technology. With security threats in the form of ransomware and viruses seemingly appearing daily, they can also protect your data and systems from all types of attack. With the ability to create data backups and excellent disaster recovery processes, if the worst happens, they will be able to get you back up and running again in the shortest time possible, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have had enough of fighting fires and would like IT services in San Francisco to take control and improve your IT infrastructure,
contact us at On Time Tech to discover our extensive services. You can leave all the support, upgrades, and improvements to us and concentrate on what you do best: running your company.