IT support providers in San Francisco are some of the most cutting-edge in the world, but still, the preponderance of MSPs recommend pen-testing for greatest security. Well, penetration testing or “pen-testing” offers some unique advantages:

  • Identification of environmental security flaws
  • Provision of organizational risk exposition
  • Network flaw correction

Identification of Environmental Security Flaws

IT support providers in San Francisco can do many things in terms of automatic support provision, error correction, and cybercrime prevention. Continuous monitoring and support are integral aspects of security that are just as necessary to the network as pen-testing. However, unless you have a professional who specializes in breaking into systems go through your operation with a fine-toothed comb for flaws, you will not know where the holes are. Hackers do not just use pre-written programs and code-cracking as a means of breaking into a given system.

Additionally, hackers use social engineering hacks to obtain access in a way, which shields them in an ephemeral cloud of legitimacy that does not dissolve until they have stolen the data they were after or installed the virus they meant to for later extortion. Pen-testing can additionally show MSPs where their own methods are not “up to snuff.” There is a 90s film called The Rock starring Sean Connery and Nick Cage. It is about a spy who is the only known individual that ever escaped from Alcatraz. Certainly, it is fictional, but there is a point here worth considering. The man escaped only because he understood the .0001% weak points of Alcatraz and carefully plotted how he would exploit those weaknesses for his own independence. This is exactly what hackers are doing to businesses like yours. If you anticipate them with a pen-test, you can keep that kind of thing from happening.

Provision of Organizational Risk Exposition

It is not possible to understand risks that are associated with your organization if no one looks for them. You can assume, but you do not know… until you know. The way to learn this information is to have professionals carefully sift through your network support in San Francisco and reveal where additional fortifications are necessary in terms of digital security, operational policy, infrastructure, or even physical construction.

Imagine if you have a server room next to a rock wall and your business is valuable enough for some conglomeration of funded thieves to bore through that rock and break into your system like some plot out of a film. Hey, those crazy plots come from somewhere, often criminals with the fortitude to pursue the unthinkable. Get ahead of them.

Network Flaw Correction

Again, when you know where the flaws are, fixing them becomes much more doable. It is hard to know where to start if you do not have any direction whatsoever. Pen-testing will give you that direction. Moreover, you need this service at regular intervals; do not forget! Technology is in constant transition; ergo, associated vulnerabilities with new innovations will arise given time.

Acquiring Pen-Testing Support

IT support in San Francisco through On Time Tech can provide you pen-testing that will help correct network security flaws, provide your business the understanding necessary to identify vulnerabilities, and identify otherwise hidden weaknesses. Contact us for heightened security.