IT services providers in San Francisco are commonly known to provide top-tier security solutions. Forbes estimates that by next year, costs related to cybercrime will reach $2 trillion. Even worse, the trend is increasing, not decreasing. It is expected that such costs will reach $6 trillion by 2021.

Why isn’t it going down? Well, there are a number of reasons. Here they are:

  • It’s good money, especially for countries that don’t play by the rules or those who deign to sneak around behind the scenes.
  • Whether or not such a thing is endorsed by a country, those with the resources and the wherewithal around the world are apt to put together what can be called a cyber-crime startup.
  • Technology expands at an exponential rate and as new solutions stop old problems, new problems require new solutions. There are rolling vulnerabilities with technology and that’s never going to change. So, part of the numerical expansion of cyber-crime is simply one of many natural effects emanating from the cause of technology.

Now, what does this mean for your business’s security? Well, you’ve got to be on the ball. You can’t accept cheap solutions. Anything cheap is going to result very likely in some sort of cybercriminal intrusion. Don’t think you’ll fly under the radar because you’ve got a small business, either. As it turns out, small businesses are a prime target because they often don’t properly safeguard themselves. It’s easier to ransom their files because those files are more integral to operations. Your IT services in San Francisco need to be cutting-edge and in continuous development. If you spend less than $10k a year on such services, you’re probably saving money. There’s a large spread depending on industry and size, but virtually, every industry is affected. Annually, they spend thousands to millions on the fallout.

Recommendable Security Solutions

If you go the cheap route and source some free antivirus, firewall, you-name-it coverage, you’re increasing your chances of being compromised by cybercriminals.

Part of what you need is fail-safe solutions to prop up your fail-safe solutions. You want the best cybersecurity and you also want a backup solution which will restore your files. Ideally, you want your files restored such that all the information entered into the system prior cybercriminal intrusion is retained. The right MSP can get you to that point. Backup and Data Recovery (BDR) is an established modern service. Additionally, cloud computing solutions allow you to “mirror” your network. This means, if something knocks out your primary systems, you can maintain operations while the issue is resolved. So, to recap, several recommendable cybersecurity solutions worth sourcing through an MSP include:

  • Antivirus software
  • Firewalls
  • BDR solutions
  • Cloud-based solutions

MSPs can also provide best practices in cybersecurity to your employees and help you, and them, avoid common operational pitfalls.

Securing Cyber Security

IT services in San Francisco through On Time Tech can help you acquire the latest and greatest security solutions for your business. Contact us to safeguard your operations against increasingly pernicious cybercriminal intrusions. The problem continues to expand, but as it does, so do the options which effectively counteract it.