IT consulting firms in San Francisco are strongly advising businesses to adopt proper security. With technology, issues aren’t a matter of “if,” but “when”. Yet, as technology has grown into an integrally central component of modern society, so too have the criminal enterprises at the fringes. It’s gotten to the point where cybercrime is a multi-trillion dollar industry expected to have a global impact of $6 trillion by 2021. Basically, technology has come to the point where there are literally organized crime startups operating internationally.

How do they make their money? Ransomware is a big way. Additionally, phishing produces login credentials, and these are used to manipulate bureaucratic channels so that money can be stolen. It turns out that the most impactful security threats tend to come from inside your own company. Sometimes, this happens because of poor security policy internally, and sometimes, it happens when endpoint users are tricked for one reason or another. Social engineering hacks are some of the most successful. Did you know that in 2016, the DNC was ostensibly hacked due to poor password provision?

All a hacker needs to do is understand how access protocols work at a business and have the social engineering skills to exploit them. Voila! he or she has entry–and didn’t even need to use any complex technological skills to get it. Basic human nature–that is a big risk. It will open up doors for hackers that you would much rather keep shut!

Combating Cyber Security Threats

An IT consulting firm in San Francisco can help you rebuff this massive cybersecurity risk through educational solutions. They can help you institute strong firewalls, antivirus protocols, anti-malware protocols, best security practices, backup and data recovery (BDR) and more. Additionally, they can help you understand where to aim your security energies by giving you two inclusive starting points:

  • Knowing what the true threat is
  • Designing an operational culture embracing tech security

Through consultation and analysis, an IT consultant can help you determine where the weakest aspects of your operations are and what to do so that such areas of vulnerability are diminished or totally fortified. Once you know your true threats, at that point, you can effectively engineer the corporate culture of your business so that it is organically secure. This will involve regular training sessions since technology shifts at predictable intervals. You should likely have an educational refresher at intervals of at least three months. If it’s manageable, a monthly training session that appraises employees of new issues in terms of operational practices could be a good idea.

Cybercrime is increasing at a rate that is very disturbing. It likely won’t ever be totally eradicated, but knowing about this threat and that you are vulnerable helps protect you from it. This knowledge also helps you know where to fortify.

Preparing for Threats

An IT consulting firm in San Francisco like On Time Tech can assist you in identifying where you are most vulnerable and which security solutions will best secure your business. Continuous education and internal cultures of security are key to keeping cybercriminal entities from fleecing your company. Contact us now for more details.