A growing business needs excellent IT support. When you don’t have a large workforce and IT is not your core business, you might not want to invest in hiring a full-time employee to handle your IT. This could potentially divert upwards of $100,000 in annual salary. When you are running a small or medium-sized business, these funds can be better invested in expanding the business through marketing, developing new products, and staff training. You could instead let an IT support provider in San Francisco handle your network and IT needs. Here are several advantages of having IT support for your small or medium-sized business:

You Can Have a Team of Experts Working for Your Company

When you focus your expertise on your core business, you can increase the returns on your time and money. Instead of hiring one full-time network administrator to handle your IT needs, why not have a whole team do this for you? You can take advantage of the extensive expertise that a team of skilled individuals brings. This team would also work with many other different companies. They are, therefore, able to bring this experience and exposure and provide unique and tested solutions to the IT challenges your business may have.

Another advantage of having IT support for your tech needs is that as long as the company is in operation, there is always someone to help you. When you rely on one full-time employee, you need to have a backup plan if they need time off or have to call off work for any reason.

You Can Have Huge Savings

As mentioned before, having a full-time network administrator is by no means cheap. The more attractive option for a smaller-sized business is to have an IT support provider in San Francisco that charges a flat monthly fee. You can save a lot with this option, especially if you don’t have so many devices connected to your network. With this model, known as managed IT services, the company looks after your network, including maintenance, for a flat rate. It is important to understand exactly what services come with this package as outlined in the service-level agreement.

Another option, when you have an outside company looking after your network, is the hourly break-fix model. This allows you to only pay for service as and when you need it. This model might make sense if you only have a small network. However, as your network grows and you need more service done, the costs of this model can grow and fluctuate rapidly. It is important to partner with an IT company that understands your need and is able to tailor a package that best meets that need.

When you are growing your business, you should focus on your strengths and be able to outsource other work to experts in the field. At On Time Tech, we provide IT support in San Francisco that you can count on. We are a team of experts who believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and delivering quality IT services. Contact us to learn about our services.