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Users around the world have been receiving bitcoin extortion emails for a long time, one of the most notorious being a “sextortion” threat to show a computer-eye view of you watching adult videos to the world. The latest threat is more alarming: the sender claims to have a bomb planted at the recipient’s business. Financial institutions in […]

December 31st is Make Up Your Mind Day As New Year’s Eve approaches, it’s time to remember its other name: Make Up Your Mind Day. As the last day of the business year for most companies, it’s also a vital point for putting your plans for the next year into action. Unfortunately, creating a business […]

SDN can be beneficial for all types of networks. However, the wide area network (WAN) is an excellent place to adopt SDN. SDWAN, or software-defined WAN, allows businesses to enjoy some benefits to their network, including cost efficiency and increased agility, among others.

It’s difficult to imagine a modern business that doesn’t have Wi-Fi. The internet is one of the most powerful tools in the world right now, and every level of every business typically needs it on demand. For most business locations, that access is determined by the integrity of the Wi-Fi network. There are a lot […]

It is a scary fact that one out of every three business employees will open a phishing email at work on any given day. Phishing emails are created explicitly by hackers to try and convince you to give up pertinent information about your business or inadvertently make your data vulnerable. Therefore, it is critical that […]

Data breaches and phishing scams are becoming more popular among cybercriminals. There have been so many data breaches, in fact, that the chances that some of your private information has been discovered by online scammers and sold to other ones are pretty high. One of the most significant data breaches in recent years (that has […]

Are you still housing your own computer servers? Consider the many benefits of switching to cloud mapped drives.

Computer systems have a way of breaking at the worst possible time: in the middle of your business’s rush season, right before a long weekend or when your regular IT technicians are on vacation. When this happens, many organizations call a repair service, looking for an estimate on getting back to work as quickly as […]

What should you look for in a computer repair company? Should you hire a computer repair company or invest in a managed IT service plan? We’ll help you decide.

Is Amazon Getting Into Healthcare? Amazon has already gotten into healthcare. The world’s largest internet company and third-largest retailer announced in January that it was forming an independent healthcare company for its own employees and the employees of other finance and multinational business giants: JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway. Often overlooked in news reports, […]

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