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Reviews, testimonials and referrals are important to growing a contracting business. In fact, reviews are the backbone upon which a business can establish a working relationship with their local community. In today’s world, people can come to know you, like you and trust you (or not) via the reviews they read about your business. This […]

Many companies are finally taking cybersecurity seriously and have implemented programs to meet their organization’s specific needs. Having a program in place, however, is only the first step. Measuring the effectiveness of a cybersecurity plan is equally important. There are several steps a company should take to adequately measure the effectiveness of their plan. How […]

It doesn’t matter whether you are a 10-person team or a Fortune 500 conglomerate, relocating your office is going to take some planning and forethought. The last thing you want is to be forced to close up shop for an extended period, stalling your business due to unexpected issues. Moving your office should signal growth […]

Technology is transforming virtually every industry, and healthcare is no exception. Digital applications are becoming more readily available for patients and providers alike. Analytics and similar tools are allowing doctors to provide more accurate diagnoses and targeted treatments, while researchers can better predict health trends. Here are some of the most notable ways technology is […]

It is not an overstatement to note that today’s successful construction companies depend on their IT systems as much as they do any hammers and nails. Successful contractors find integrating the role of a quality IT partner critical to meeting budgets and deadlines while maintaining profitability. It’s All About the Right Information at the Right […]

Construction companies have specific IT requirements. Time is money in any business, but that’s especially true in the construction industry. You need excellent communication and coordination between management and workers and the ability to oversee contractors and order materials quickly. For that, you need top construction planning software and your company needs a comprehensive IT […]

Companies today operate under strict regulatory conditions. Complying with those regulations can be daunting, but failure to do so has serious implications. Managing compliance, therefore, is imperative. Microsoft offers Compliance Manager, a unique cross-Microsoft-Cloud tool, that allows organizations to manage and navigate the complex terrain of regulations. Here is how Compliance Manager works to help […]

A business’ email is one of their most important tools – if an unexpected server emergency results in an email outage, what would you do? When your internal IT support can’t get it fixed, who will you turn to?

Niel serves as one of our stellar Support Desk Technicians, bringing over 13 years of experience to the company. As a support desk technician for OTT, Niel assists with incoming tickets for end users and server management, as well as addressing NOC issues remotely. Prior to working for OTT, Niel worked as a Senior Primary […]

Cybersecurity threats have shown no signs of slowing down, and small and mid-sized organizations are expected to be more heavily targeted going forward. Although splashy headlines about Fortune 500 companies suffering breaches may lead some business leaders to think that hackers are after big corporations, cybercriminals are just as likely to steal data or infect your system with ransomware. […]

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