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With automated attacks, cybercriminals can attack many small businesses at once. SMBs need effective security measures to protect their networks and data.

The role of CFO has changed dramatically over the past few years. From a focus on financial matters to leading technology initiatives, CFOs need these skills for the future.  

It’s a sinking feeling to realize that you are closely tied to an organization and it feels as though they don’t have your best interests top of mind.

Protect Yourself from Potential Attacks Via Chrome Extensions Learn two simple ways to set the privacy and activity settings for each Google Chrome extension on your browser and steps the company is taking to protect users. Google’s Chrome web browser is a popular choice for businesses the world over. Managing the extensions gives you more […]

Six Essential Steps For CEOs To Take For Microsoft EOS 2020 What steps should I take if my Microsoft operating system support is ending in January 2020? Windows 10 support is ending January 2020 essential steps to take   Microsoft is ending support for a number of operating systems and software packages starting January 2020. […]

Daily Routine Offers Benefits that Lead to Better Outcomes Discover the benefits of creating a daily routine, including improved productivity, reduced stress and better prioritization, and tips for structuring your day. Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his day by waking at about 4 a.m. He spends the first hour of his day reading emails from Apple users […]

The Rise of MarTech: Navigating the Intersection of Marketing and Technology Is your organization struggling with the intersection of marketing and technology? If so, you’re not alone — marketers everywhere are. There is a crisis in boardrooms and offices around the world: who owns marketing technology? Is it the CIO or CTO, who doesn’t always […]

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