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After more than two months of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that your business has gotten into a rhythm with remote work. However, while we don’t know specifically when the pandemic will end, it will certainly conclude at some point – do you know how your business will proceed then?

As the Dispatch Coordinator for On Time Tech, Kershney is responsible for organizing and managing all incoming support and dispatch requests/tickets, and ensuring that client issues are addressed timely by the best-available technician. Kershney brings 18 years of experience to the On Time Tech team, having worked as a Service Coordinator and Project Manager for […]

The COVID-19 health crisis forced businesses throughout California to shift to remote workplaces. The dramatic change means companies and their employees have to adapt to new ways of working.

Some days it seems like you do nothing but reading and sending email the entire day. Like any conversation, you can feel compelled to read and respond to messages as soon as possible, even if there are other priorities. How do you best manage your time without appearing too aloof or disconnected from your staff or clients?

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