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On Time Tech will provide the proper tools for your firm to maintain exceptional ongoing relationships with your clients. Contact us today at (877) 270-1391 or email us at [email protected] to outsource your IT services and get back to your core responsibilities today.

By outsourcing your Bay Area architect firm’s IT services, you’re receiving state-of-the-art technology and an exceptional technically skilled team to help manage your firm. On Time Tech cares for the technical aspect of your firm which allows you to once again fully concentrate on your core responsibilities of processing schematic to final drawing designs.

We offer 24/7 around-the-clock IT monitoring and support; your firm is always kept up-and-running smoothly providing you with an exceptional and reliable managed reputation. Your profits and revenues will be maximized with routine cost evaluations and effectively managed staff through strong business and communication skills. Your core responsibilities as an architectural firm is to understand your clients’ needs and responding to business proposals along with explaining current projects to clients; our job is to maintain a smooth running and exceptionally managed IT service foundation in your firm.

By outsourcing your IT services to On Time Tech, you are receiving exceptional customer satisfaction through our services:

Data Storage: We will retain design and construction records of your firm’s work for:

  • Legal Reasons,
  • Future Alterations and Additions,
  • Historical Documentations of firm’s work, and
  • Returning clients.

This promotes and encourages ongoing exceptional relationships with your clients.

On Time Tech offers Autodesk Revit Software and AutoCAD software for all your architectural needs:

Autodesk Revit Software

Autodesk Revit Software enables you to you to use a coordinated and consistent model-based approach to build your conceptual ideas. Built primarily on a Building Information Model (BMI) the application contains many features for MEP, structural engineering, architectural design, and construction. You have the freedom to sketch freely and create free-form models with their unique conceptual design tools and obtain high-quality and accurate architectural designs.


Based on an AutoCAD platform you have full functionality of AutoCAD in addition to unique architectural tools. This software is built on architect design and drafting and very simple to use, even for beginners. You have the ability to enter “wall” commands from the ribbon bar and start drafting using orthogonal layout tools to clean up every angle, turn and intersection instantly. You can also subdivide rooms and add extensions with a simple and intuitive interface allowing for the project to come together as a whole with simplicity.

At On Time Tech to make your architectural IT experience easier, we offer:

  • Data Management and Analytics: We use data collected from a client to help analyze their preferences and also inspect, clean, and transform data to properly utilize client information and reach conclusions.
  • Building Information Modeling: BMI allows you to generate and manage digital representations of your projects to support decision-makings in the earliest conceptual stages for design and construction of the project at hand.
  • Project Management Software: This allows your clients to collaborate on a project in ways they can see the status of the project, share their ideas or designs, and view ongoing schedules.
  • Self-Service Optimization: Architectural firms in the Bay area will be able to have their clients interact with them whenever they want through management software allowing for organized client information, help desk options, or special ticker options to track request progressions. They have the ability to ask questions or express concerns even while you aren’t able to answer immediately.
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