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On Time Tech provides your San Francisco, Bay Area and Los Angeles law firms with all the essential IT services to keep your firm up-and-running at all times. Contact us at (877) 270-1391 or email us at [email protected] to protect your critical client data today.

On Time Tech provides you with the tools to update efficiency, productivity, and security in your law firm. Our Cloud services allow you to focus your leadership on client services and growth; our services provide you with document management, data security, and workflow improvement for both your office and mobile devices.

By outsourcing your IT to our experts, you are getting up-to-date and secure IT solutions along with legal IT expertise in several legal applications:

  • PCLaw,
  • ProLaw,
  • Juris,
  • Clio,
  • TimeSlips,
  • Amicus,
  • Abacus, and
  • Tabs3/Practice Master.

Our Cloud solutions allow you to securely store, share, edit, view, and change client and case information without having to connect to corporate networks or devices.

On Time Tech provides a competitive edge for your law firm with new technologies allowing for a more efficient and cost-effective client experience. On Time Tech offers fixed monthly payment plans to eliminate surprise IT costs and allow for you to stay productive with a mobile workforce. Your technology is always up-to-date and efficient by implementing enhanced layers of security protecting your critical client data at all times.

On Time Tech understands the importance of client and case information security has in your law firm and therefore we offer:

  • Cloud Technologies: Our Cloud technologies offer value to your law firm with cost-effective and scalable solutions. Your critical client and case information is available to you anytime and anywhere on any internet-capable mobile device, such as your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. We implement enhanced layers of security to keep all of your data safe and protected at all times.
  • Financial Management Software: Keep your company’s successful future secure by tracking all of your long- and short term goals in one place. On Time Tech provides updated versions of financial management software to keep your each and every transaction accounted for. You are provided with the essential tools to effectively create and manage budgets within your law firm.
  • Case Management Software: Bring your calendars, contacts, filing systems, and task systems together in one package to keep your law firm organized and productive at all times. Case management software benefits your firm by organizing, managing deadlines, storing client information, and feedback on progression to keep you updated at all times.
  • Data & Email Encryption: Protect critical client information by using data and email encryption within your law firm and keep your law firm from being exposed and vulnerable to future threats. All of your data will be continuously protected from resting data (on laptops or portable servers) to data in motion (wireless networks or the Internet).
  • Data Backup: Regardless of man-made or natural disasters, viruses, or hardware failures, always have your most valuable data backed up with our continuous and automatic backup systems to protect your law firm from having to close its doors due to critical data loss. Critical client and case information will always be protected and available to you regardless of which situations pose a threat to your data.


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