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Covid-19 Has Permanently Changed Cybersecurity – You Need to Hire an IT Managed Service In Response

About 70% of business executives admit that they aren’t prepared for the shift to remote work. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, they need to put their emphasis on active detection and prevention of threats and not just to play defense.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned businesses upside. As they struggle to stay in operation, it is easy to forget that cybersecurity is still essential. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the uncertain times to launch attacks. A recent analysis by the FBI states that reports of cybercrime have quadrupled since the emergence of COVID-19.

Cybercriminals have been preying on the existing vulnerability, fear, and confusion. It has become more critical than ever to hire it managed service.

The Existing Threat Landscape

Globally, there has been a dramatic rise in fake COVID-19 apps, ransomware, and phishing scams. The state of fear and uncertainty provides the perfect breeding ground for cybercrime. Remote working has become the new norm. Even though it a great way for companies to keep their employees safe, it is also attractive for opportunists.

Why You Need to Hire an IT Managed Service

Hiring an IT managed service for your business, during and after COVID-19, can have plenty of benefits. All businesses need IT support. While some of them have in-house staff, others may choose to outsource. Investing in a good Managed Service Provider (MSP) allows you to focus on your business’s primary function while they take care of the IT part. Some of the most important reasons to hire MSP services include:

Consistent Support

With the right provider, you will always have the support you need. Even though your internal IT team can work great, they can’t always be available. They may not be available after regular working hours. However, IT managed service providers can be available 24/7. They can take care of emergency issues as soon as they arise. Continuous and consistent support safeguards your business and its operations. Having experts to take care of your IT systems makes it possible to stay focused on what matters.

Top Strategy and Flexibility

MSPs are always trying to stay at the top of the IT industry. They are likely to provide your company with the cutting edge flexibility and strategy that you need. They can easily divert resources to your future needs. Usually, the infrastructure they provide for your business is built with a proactive rather than a reactive mindset. By using infrastructure that prevents problems, they can help you prepare for the future. They are flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of customers.

Scalability With Your Growth

MSP focuses on the development and management of IT operations as efficiently as possible. They help you ensure that you aren’t paying more than you need. Every practice has its unique needs and unique IT needs. However, your IT needs may change as your practice grows. MSPs change with you. They have the expertise to deal with your changing needs. They are a lot cheaper and more convenient than hiring new members of staff to address changing needs in your organization. Reducing or relocating resources takes just a call.

Limited Money, Resources, and Time

In an in-house IT structure, you have to invest a lot of money and time. You may end up spending money on things that you don’t need. MSPs have experience in key business needs. They have the skills to promote efficiency and support. Even though IT operations can be costly, you shouldn’t spend more than you have to.

Coronavirus has permanently changed cybersecurity. It is now important to focus on security, scalability, and proactivity. Working with an IT managed service may be the right choice for many businesses.

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