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Ensure You’re Maintaining HIPAA Compliance with The Guard

When IT companies are setting you up with protection and security, they too often forget one crucial thing – compliance. Perhaps because it varies from industry to industry, some technology providers simply don’t offer compliance services; and that’s incredibly dangerous, especially in the medical field.

The Guard

On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco knows that patients are trusting you with their sensitive data, and it’s up to you to ensure that confidential information is kept safe. With The Guard, a new tool from The Compliancy Group, maintaining HIPAA compliance is easier than ever.

Remember: HIPAA is in place to protect private healthcare information. When compliance is met, you’re able to focus all your time and energy on providing the most effective patient care.

Don’t compromise your practice because you don’t have the right tools – reach out to On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco to discuss how The Guard will help ensure you’re always maintaining compliance. Contact our team at [email protected] or (877) 270-1391.

Compliancy Group:

The Compliancy Group is a leading representative in regulatory compliance, bringing a wide range of knowledge to their work. The Compliancy Group is now offering a simple, cost-effective tool that allows organizations to achieve and maintain HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus compliance.

  • The Guard is an effective web-based solution that combines the knowledge of skilled HIPAA experts with technology that avoids the high cost of on-site audits.
  • Designed to quickly and effectively help your practice achieve HIPAA compliance, HITECH attestation, Meaningful Use Core Measure 15, and a Risk Assessment of your environment.

Ensure your sensitive patient data is always protected, and gain the peace of mind you need to focus all of your attention to providing the highest level of patient care. Reach out to On Time Tech | IT Services In San Francisco to discuss how The Guard will work for you. Contact us at [email protected] or (877) 270-1391.

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