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Is Your San Francisco Business Under Threat of Data Loss?

Apprehension about data loss is a real issue that businesses face every day. Threats of data leaks are the primary concern that keeps business owners up at night. Every day, there are new reports of cybersecurity measures needed to protect data.

There isn’t a number one threat against data for businesses – if it were that easy, businesses would follow a simple formula to protect information technology and consider the matter complete. No, there are a variety of ways your information is at risk, and it’s best to review your full technology picture to determine your vulnerabilities and take steps immediately.

Your Most Valuable Asset May Surprise You

From furniture to computers and beyond, every business has a list of assets, but which is the most valuable asset a company has?

  • Staff of professionals propelling daily operations
  • Competitive edge over industry rivals
  • Property and real estate holdings
  • Technology, including computer hardware like servers

In truth, your greatest and most valuable asset is your data. Everything else holds monetary value, but where would your business be without your data? That alone demands the ultimate protective measures.

Should San Francisco Businesses Be Concerned About Ransomware?

In short – yes. Every business should be concerned about ransomware. Cybercriminals know your data has incredible value, which is why this is the primary target of modern hackers. If cybercriminals can gain undetected (and unauthorized) access to a network and prevent San Francisco businesses from accessing information unless a fee – a ransom – is paid, it’s too late. In the digital age, cybersecurity measures should encompass all threats to protect technology, including against the risk of ransomware.

San Francisco businesses can pay the ransom to regain control of data, but the data has become compromised. The possibility of personal data, including financial account information, impacts countless people and increases the risk of identity theft, credit card fraud, and more.

The actual cost of ransomware is unknown, but the threat is real.

What Should Your Business Do to Protect Data from Ransomware?

Cybersecurity is a total technology protection package, but safeguarding your data starts with a few simple steps:

  1. Train your team: Does your team know the best practices to protect your data? Ongoing training is the best step to help your team learn best practices for accessing, storing, and sharing information, like using hard-to-guess passwords to prevent unauthorized access to files and information.
  2. Invest in cybersecurity improvements: Leverage state-of-the-art technology for the most sophisticated protection for your technology, including your data. Require protective measures like two-factor authentication for all user passwords, and monitor all network activity to detect and address threats immediately.
  3. Do you have a business continuity plan: Knowing your greatest asset is what powers your business, make a back-up plan that will keep your business moving no matter what to keep it protected.

You don’t need to be a cybersecurity expert to have a plan to protect your business, but you’re not alone. Prevent your business from becoming a target for cybercriminals today and partner with an IT services provider to protect your information and your business.

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