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Why You Should Hire the Top Microsoft Partner In San Francisco

On Time Tech is the top Microsoft partner in San Francisco. Contact us today to schedule empowering training courses for your employees.  

Perhaps your company already subscribes to Office 365 or needs help training employees to use this incarnation of Microsoft tools effectively. On Time Tech can help with everything from implementation to training employees to use these powerful tools.

Office 365 is a collaborative suite that includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other Microsoft tools. It stores your files in the cloud, where you can access them from your One Drive using any compatible device. Let us help your employees utilize Office 365 to work more efficiently in the office, at home or while traveling.

What Are the Benefits of Implementing Microsoft Office 365?

An effective Microsoft partner in San Francisco helps you realize the many benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 (and other Microsoft products). These benefits include:

  • Seamless Coordination with other MS products. You can use 365 with Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Word, Publish and PowerPoint. With a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, you know if anyone else is working on a document you’re editing and you can broadcast PowerPoint presentations or check documents out of your document library.
  • Anytime, Anywhere. Get web-based access to contacts, email, calendars and other tools on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and other smart devices. You can seamlessly respond to important messages no matter where you’re working or what device you have available. Forget about rushing back to the office or searching for a Wi-Fi hot spot. You can view and alter documents from most browsers on any Mac or PC device.
  • Communicate and Collaborate with Maximum Flexibility. Create password-protected portals for large documents that are difficult to email or contain sensitive data. This allows you to quickly find or upload the latest versions of documents. Send instant messages to friends, customers and coworkers or invite them to an online meeting to share ideas and desktops.
  • Intuitive Interface. Office 365 is very easy to use, but your organization can contact On Time Tech to cover basic features and bring your team up to power user level understanding of 365’s capabilities. It takes just minutes to open a trial account and get to work “in the cloud” — and enjoy features previously available only to large enterprises.
  • Email and Online Meetings. Microsoft 365 delivers secure, scalable online solutions. You can upgrade to a 50GB mailbox with advanced contact, calendar, meeting, collaboration and other capabilities. As part of our support, On Time Tech covers all the features of 365 so that you can make the most of these revolutionary tools.

Why Should You Choose On Time Tech?

On Time Tech is the top Microsoft partner in San Francisco. We specialize in helping nonprofits and small organizations with their Microsoft implementation and training, and other IT needs. Use On Time Tech to access your Microsoft products on the road, in the air and for those late-night inspirations at the kitchen table. Have questions on how to make this happen for your organization? Contact us today to set up a demo, provide an assessment of your Microsoft tools or to schedule empowering training courses for your employees.

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