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Complete Insider’s Guide To Microsoft Teams Support In San Francisco

Business ownership can be the ultimate tightrope. Without focus, owners can flow with the wind without a destination. There is no feeling quite like working hard every single day, but not making any progress toward your goal. On the other hand, entrepreneurs cannot be so focused on their goals that they cannot remain flexible. Even the largest and most dominating companies can rapidly lose position due to inflexibility under changing conditions. With a professional Microsoft support partner in San Francisco, your business can get the advantages it deserves.

In many cases, the most critical step to finding that balance is discovering the technology tools that make it possible. For organizations that need a way to work as a cohesive unit with ongoing location flexibility, Microsoft Teams can provide the perfect way to get stuff done. Here are a few things you should know about the fastest growing app in Microsoft history with more than 330,000 organizational users (Microsoft Pulse).

On Time Tech Can Show You How Microsoft Teams Support Can Benefit Your San Francisco Small Business

Microsoft Teams Features

As a potential component of Microsoft Office 365Microsoft Teams is designed to serve as a virtual headquarters for your project team. Accordingly, it can digitally provide everything you need to collaborate and get things done as a group. Specific features include:

  • Chat: Need to update your team on a new development, or find consenses regarding an important decision? The chat function allows you to hold private one on one or team-wide discussions. You can schedule meetings, or collaboratively create a meeting agenda. Later, you can search for a particular dialogue inside of the project folder, instead of searching your entire email history.
  • Video Calls: For those moments, when you need a face to face meeting, the video calls component can allow you the opportunity to talk directly to your team members. Video conferences can be intimate discussions with a small number of colleagues or massive public speaking events with participants posting questions. After the call, the video can be saved and posted into the relevant project folder.
  • File-Sharing: By using the common file sharing function, you can always make sure team members are working on the most recent versions of files. You can make changes to documents in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PowerPoint in real-time during presentations.

How Microsoft Teams Solves Challenges

Features are great, but why do they matter? How many times have you purchased a device only to later learn about an exciting feature you would never use? Microsoft Teams is so powerful because it can help you to solve almost all problems related to remote collaboration.

Because you can access Microsoft Teams from almost anywhere in the world, the application gives you the ultimate location flexibility. If most of your office is in the same building, you can still benefit from the common file sharing and chat functions organized by team topic. If a team member needs to travel or work remotely, they can still access all features from their current location. Now your team members can stay productive regardless of their current location.

File organization is another problem with remote working arrangements. When using email, you need all team members to make sure they are using the same copy of each document. If a member misses a meeting, it is almost impossible to use notes and documents to catch up truly wholly. Teams allows you to create topic folders and file meeting videos, speaker notes, chats, and documents within that folder. Now, everything you need regarding that project is in one place.

Microsoft Office 365 Support & Consulting

Microsoft Teams can be a powerful tool for your online collaboration needs. However, like all technology, you must first know it exists and understand how it can fit your organizational needs. That is where a managed IT consultant can help. Serving both Los Angeles and San Francisco, On Time Tech can provide Microsoft support and the perfect technology solution for your needs. Contact us today to find out how we can move your company forward!

Thanks to our colleagues at Baroan Technologies in New Jersey for their help with this article. Discover more about their IT support in New Jersey.

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