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Cloud-based technology has been around for nearly two decades, and virtually all businesses (97 percent according to one recent survey) are using some cloud-based service. However, owners and managers are just beginning to realize the many benefits of cloud mapped drives for businessApproximately 21 percent of companies used this type of off-site servers in 2017, up 75 percent from the year before.

What are cloud mapped drives for businesses?

Cloud mapped drives allow you to get rid of your bulky, expensive servers while increasing your flexibility, mobility and even your security. For an affordable monthly fee, cloud mapped drives allow your business to access remote servers and realize a myriad of benefits. Just a few of these include:

1. Free up space and resources.

While servers are not as big and bulky as they once were, they still require square footage in your office. They also need a climate controlled space that costs money to heat and cool as well as an IT technician on staff or on call to handle maintenance and updates. When you switch to the cloud, you can get rid of all of these expenses and either stop paying for that extra space or use it to expand your business.

2. Require less maintenance.

When you switch to cloud mapped drives instead of in-house servers, you can leave the maintenance and updates to the hosting company.

3. Allow access to files from any Internet-enabled device.

Cloud data is stored away from your office and is accessible to any authorized person with an Internet-enabled device. That means you can access your files when you’re on the road, at home for the holidays or on vacation, without having to remember to download information you think you’ll need before you leave the office.

4. Make collaboration easy.

Because any authorized person with an Internet connection can access your company files, collaboration is much easier than it is with in-house servers. Field sales reps, home office staff and even outside vendors can all work on the same files in real time without having to send new versions back and forth via email attachments.

5. Never get obsolete.

Unlike traditional servers, cloud servers are continually updated and replaced when new technology becomes available, without any additional cost to you. When you house your servers, replacing them with new models takes a significant cash investment.

6. Offer better security.

You may have heard that security can be a concern when switching to cloud-based servers. However, the reverse is true in most cases. Unlike your business, which focuses on something other than IT, a cloud server company’s primary job is maintaining their servers and keeping their customers’ data safe from cyber threats.

7. Protect your data in the event of a disaster.

What happens to all of the data housed on your servers in the event of a fire, a flood or a hurricane? Even if you’ve backed up your data, those back up files are often located in the same building as your servers, and are thus just as vulnerable to a disaster. However, when your data and software systems are housed in the cloud, you’re data will still be intact no matter what happens to your headquarters building. That means you can get your business back up and running much more quickly after the unthinkable happens.

8. Allow you to take advantage of other cloud-based services

When you switch to the cloud, you can also save money and increase your customer service by taking advantage of things like VoIP communications systems and Microsoft 365 office software.

8. Save money.

Of course, as convenient as cloud storage and cloud drives can be, the most attractive benefit for most companies is that cloud drives for businesses are much less expensive than purchasing and maintaining your servers. You’ll save money on space, on staff to attend to the servers and on utilities to heat and cool your server room. What’s more, you’ll likely pay less for cloud-based drives than you will for traditional servers. You’ll certainly avoid that substantial initial investment.

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