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Preventing Data Loss When Your Staff Changes (Questions/Answers)

When it comes to sales, it’s who you know that counts – so what happens when an employee leaves your company, taking all their email contacts (and potential clients) with them? How can you make sure that losing an employee doesn’t mean losing future business as well?

No matter what industry you’re operating in, sales will always come down to the same few principles – one of which is the value of contacts. Who you know and who you can get in touch with will always directly affect the success of your sales efforts.

More contacts mean more potentials leads means more future sales, as simple as that.

Unfortunately, maintaining a centralized and comprehensive database of sales contacts and leads isn’t as easy as it used to be.

How Has The Modern Workforce Affected Sales Efforts?

The workplace has changed in recent years. Whereas not too long ago, all of your staff members were likely working under one roof and using company tech for all of their work, that’s no longer the case.

Remote work is now more popular than ever, and for good reason. The freedom to work from home and avoid long commutes has led to more and more employees opting for remote work. On the other end, remote workers allow employers to save money on office space and resources.

A major aspect of remote work is that the employees use their own technology for business – their own smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This is often preferable for employees because they get to use technology they are familiar and stay flexible in their work.

While this is generally a win-win for both employers and employees, there is a downside – continuity of data. When employees use their own devices and their own email to get work done, all that data stays with them, even when they leave the company.

How Can You Maintain Data And Contacts When An Employee Leaves Your Company?

Unfortunately, turnover in your staff is just a part of doing business. No matter how good your staff is, or how good your workplace culture is, eventually you will have an employee leave your staff

Maybe it’s just because they’re moving on to another opportunity. In that case, it should be rather easy to get them to hand over the sales contacts and leads they were working with.

However, what if you have to let someone go? For whatever reason, you can’t have them on your staff anymore – do you really expect them to help you out when you fire them?

Not likely. It’s fair to assume that they’ll instead hang on to those contacts, and you’ll lose them forever.

If you can’t rely on your outgoing employees to help you maintain your business’ contacts, what can you do?

What’s The Solution To Maintaining Data Continuity When Employees Leave Your Company?

Luckily, thanks to advancements in business IT, there now exists powerful Mobile Device Management solutions to help you maintain your business data, no matter how your staff changes over time.

One such solution? IBM MaaS360 With Watson. This tool provides a number of comprehensive benefits and controls across devices, just one of which allows business owners to maintain business data in a centralized digital location.

Advantages offered by IBM MaaS360 With Watson include:

  1. Data Continuity

By using this unified platform, business data can be kept in a central digital setting. That means that even if your employees are using their own devices to get work done, the data that’s pertinent to their work will still be under your purview. No matter how your staff may change, you’ll maintain access to the contacts and data that are involved in your business.

  1. Enhanced Security

Another benefit of IBM MaaS360 With Watson is that it offers comprehensive security capabilities to keep your data safe across employee devices. Regardless of whether your employees are using personal devices on whichever operating system (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.), these endpoints will be protected by powerful and up to date security measures.

  1. Harness The Internet of Things for Daily Work

IBM MaaS360 With Watson also allows users on your staff to enjoy the convenience and advantages offered by the Internet of Things.

This solution supports IoT devices that utilize APIs for management, from Google Android to Android Things, Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows IoT. MaaS360 helps manage devices that provide client management for other things, and can also be used to secure the devices that are used to manage things and the IoT gateways that collect data from them.

Don’t allow changes to your staff to negatively affect your sales efforts any longer. With the right technology, like IBM MaaS360 With Watson, you can maintain your business data no matter how your staff may change over time.

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