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Ransomware Recovery For Businesses In The San Francisco Bay Area

78 percent of business execs admit their malware knowledge is lacking. Ransomware attacks are on the rise, but many businesses are still at risk. 

As much as 78 percent of surveyed executives admit they have lacking knowledge about malware. Another 68 percent are not all that familiar with phishing. And, the scary statistics just keep going. Even though ransomware is one of the biggest threats to the modern-day infrastructure of technological systems in major business operations, too many people are missing valid points about what needs to happen and almost completely avoiding the proper ransomware protection. Missed points are leading to missed opportunities for proper protection, and the results are scary to face.

Understanding Ransomware as a Prime Cyber Threat Is Critical

Ransomware is a relatively modern form of malware. It is designed to root into the core system of a device and basically hold it hostage in an effort to get what the ransomware developer wants. This could be money or data, but in either case, the system is pretty much on lockdown and useless until either an IT tech can rescue the system or the system is completely wiped out.

Technological Development and Protection Should Be On an Even Keel, But They’re Not

That incredible new IoT device you just added to the network, that impressive cloud data storage service you just signed up for, and all of those incredibly beneficial and convenient technological advances sure are something to be thankful for. The only issue is, for every new development, implement, and program, there is someone in the dark working just as hard as the brilliant people who create new technology to try and undermine it with a new ransomware threat. Therefore, for every new development that gets implemented into a business operation, there should be protection implemented just the same. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Most business execs assume that some new technology is brand-new so it must be as secure as possible.

Cybersecurity Should Never Be a Standalone Function with an Easy Fix

One of the primary issues with adequate cyber threat protection in general is it is treated as a standalone component that is kind of like a side-thought of everyday operations. The boss tells someone in IT to make sure they are protected from ransomware, some money is thrown at a new program, and all seems right with the world. However, cybersecurity is not a standalone issue; it is something that should be at the core of business operations, brought up in board meetings, and treated as a priority at every turn. If the full business is not operating around good cyber threat knowledge, there are vulnerabilities that are going to bubble up.

Don’t Miss Ransomware Protection Opportunities By Missing the Point

Every year, ransomware attacks continue to grow at an alarming rate, and some of the most noteworthy corporations have fallen prey. Protection opportunities are available, but if you’re missing the point as a business owner, you are leaving your systems wide open for an attack. Reach out to a managed IT service that specializes in ransomware protection to find out what you need to do.

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