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Most Companies Want to Keep Their Remote Workers at Home Even After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put countless office workers in a position where they have to work from home. Remote work has been considered a kind of luxury for many, but the pandemic has turned it into a necessity. After shifting to remote work for a while, however, many finance leaders and CFOs are starting to see the benefits of remote work. Learn why many are looking to keep their remote workers at home after the pandemic is over.

Most Companies Want to Keep Their Remote Workers at Home Even After COVID-19

Gartner Survey

One of the most reputable resources for research in the business world is Gartner. Their mission is to develop the necessary insights that business leaders across numerous enterprises need to find prosperity for their industries. One Gartner survey revealed the trends regarding remote work from the perspective of numerous financial leaders.

According to the Gartner survey, nearly three-quarters of CFOs and finance leaders are planning to keep at least 5% of their workers in remote positions permanently. Nearly a quarter of CFOs and finance leaders would keep at least 20% of their workers in remote positions after the pandemic. While there are numerous justifications for this, these leaders tend to argue that more remote workers can help reduce overall organizational costs for their business.

The Shift to Remote Work

Even if just 5% of employees are being moved to remote work, that can be a significant undertaking for any business. While the costs will be less overall, a fact that justifies the move in the first place, the actual process involves quite a bit of work. For the most part, remote work involves implementing more flexible work schedules and occasionally providing the necessary technology required for employees to work at home. Something as simple as having a second screen can make all the difference in terms of productivity, and many people don’t have two monitors at home.

While the cost of providing technology like this and allowing for more flexible work schedules can add up, it’s worth it to avoid larger business disruptions from employees being unable to work at all. In the few months that more employees have been working from home, businesses have realized that this initial cost is often well worth it for the savings down the line. Plus, fewer employees in the office means that businesses can cut down on real estate costs and on-premises technology spending.

Evolving Technology

With the latest technology at their disposal, it’s easier than ever before for businesses to allow employees to work from home. Most accounting is done remotely, and many businesses have even outsourced their IT departments, so that’s already handled from a remote location. As long as a remote employee’s workstation can connect to the main server of a business, they can have access to all the necessary data, and the IT team can have access to the employee’s workstation if needed.

Because many essential business functions are already conducted remotely, companies are expecting minimal disruptions during this entire process. Modern technology makes it easy to conduct business over long distances, and remote IT services can keep those efforts safe and secure.

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