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So, you want to know the truth…

But can you handle the truth?

We think you can!

In fact, our On Time Tech team of IT professionals have staked our reputation on providing the unvarnished truth about business technology support and letting the results of our work speak for themselves.


Because we believe you should know things about San Francisco tech companies like…

There Is No Regulating Body For Tech Companies In San Francisco.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Unlike medical or financial services professionals there is no governmental or industrial body that governs the services, delivery, or ethics of IT support companies.

What’s the result?

The result is a wide array of customer support and IT services that range from the horrid to the heavenly. Because of this lack of oversight, it’s essential that you take the time to get to know an IT services provider and check out references thoroughly before signing a contract.

There Is No Need For An In-Person Tech Visit Every Time You Have A Computer Problem.

Some IT support companies haven’t updated their policies – or their pricing structure – since the 1990’s.


Because rolling a truck to your facility takes up time.

And when you’re charging by the hour, time is money.

It used to be the way to deliver exceptional service to businesses that needed outsourced IT support.

But that was before the days of remote maintenance.

Today, tech companies have the ability to remotely control your computer and fix most anything that is wrong – without leaving their office.

Of course, there are those times when a part needs to be replaced, but those instances are few and far between.

Leveraging remote support for your company’s computers saves you money and allows your staff to work without the disruption of a tech being physically in your office.

You Have The Right To Understand Your Bill.

While this may seem to be obvious, too many business owners are being bullied into paying bills that they don’t understand.


Because they’re afraid to ask.

Technology isn’t something that they don’t understand, and so they figure, “Well, they must have billed me correctly.”

Don’t just assume that the IT company’s billing department got it right.

Ask the questions you need to ask until the charges – and the reasons behind the charges – are clear in your mind and are acceptable to you.

Some San Franciso Tech Companies Jump For Joy When Your IT Systems Break Down.

Think about it… How does your break/fix IT support guy make his money?

The answer?

By fixing what is broken.

That means that he’s only making money when your systems are slow, sluggish, or stopped.

Do you really want an IT services relationship with a company whose model virtually roots for your systems to break down so they can fix them?

It just doesn’t make sense.

A better model is the Managed IT Services model. Managed IT Services works like your mechanic or your doctor. Managed Services Providers do regular checkups and monitor the health of your business technology. By continually monitoring and maintaining your systems, the Managed IT Services model puts your computer tech on your side – ensuring more productivity and near-zero downtime. This service is provided within a stable, monthly payment plan.

You Deserve To Know What’s Going On And What Your Tech Is Doing With Your Systems.

If the computer tech that’s serving your San Francisco area business just snarls and growls some technobabble when you ask him to explain what’s wrong and what he’s going to do about it, get rid of him.

After all, you deserve to be treated right, and you deserve to know what’s going on with your computers, servers, and cloud assets.

Great companies teach their IT support personnel to break difficult technology terminology down into words and concepts that are easy for the average business owner to understand.

Communication is the foundation of a great relationship between you and your outsourced IT support professional. If they can’t explain what they are doing – or want to do – in plain English, they’re likely not the right fit for your company.

Nobody’s Going To Badmouth A Local IT Support Company – Even If They Stink!

If you want the truth, you’re going to have to come out and ask for it directly. After all, this is San Francisco – not New York City. Here, we love our local businesses and are far less likely to speak unkindly of someone that has delivered sub-par tech service. We figure, “Maybe I’m the only one” or “Maybe he was having a bad day.”

No, he stinks at his job.

But no one is going to tell you that a particular local IT services company doesn’t know what they’re doing unless you ask.

Let us encourage you to go beyond the list of approved references – the ones the company gives you – and seek out other people that know what the company you’re considering is REALLY like.

You Have The Right To Demand Transparency.

What parts are you ordering for my computer?

Where are they coming from?

Are they aftermarket parts or parts made by the original manufacturer?

How long should this repair take?

What is your hourly rate?

Does that include travel time?

Do you have an exclusive deal with specific hardware or software manufacturers?

You offer cloud hosting. Where is the server?

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions and more! You’re spending money on a product. Whether that product is a service or a physical piece of hardware, you deserve to know what you are getting, where it’s coming from, how long it’s going to take, and what it’s going to cost.

Great Websites Don’t Equal Great Tech Support.

We’ve all been there. We’ve bought a service or a product and assumed that the product or service was going to be wonderful because the marketing was slick.

Just as quickly we discovered that just because the website or the TV commercial was appealing doesn’t mean the product was as advertised.

There are some guys out there with skills in networking and cybersecurity that don’t know design. Their websites may not be the flashiest on the internet, but if you want your business to be secure and your computers to be efficient, they are the guys you should hire.

That’s not to say that every company with a great website is a fraud or a hack. But it’s important to separate the skills you care about – IT support – from the ones like marketing and design that aren’t going to help your business thrive.

Your Hardware Might Be Sent Out of State

You’ve seen the labels on technology that says, “Don’t return this unit to the retailer.”

What usually happens?

Generally, the manufacturer has a repair shop somewhere in the region – or sometimes overseas – to which they want you to mail your machine.

And while that’s okay if you have the time and if you are aware of what is happening, it’s totally wrong if an IT support company sends your hardware away without your knowledge.


Because your data is on that machine.

You trust your IT support company…but do you trust the repair depot out of state – or overseas?

Find out where your repair will be made, what safeguards are in place, and when the device will be returned to you.

There Are Varying Levels Of Expertise In San Francisco Computer Tech Companies.

Not every IT services company is created equal. In San Francisco, we have everything from the guy who knows absolutely nothing and has no business calling himself a computer tech to highly qualified and certified professionals who care for Fortune 500 companies.

How do you know what level your IT support people are playing on?

Ask questions…lots and lots of questions.

Get references – and call them.

Start with a trial period and a trial project. – If they can’t get that right, you know you’ve got to look for a company that’s further up the IT support food chain.

Hardware And Software Agnosticism Is A Good Thing.

You’ve heard more than one IT support person say, “We sell (brand name here) because they make a great product and we can get you a discount.”

Let’s translate that for you…

“We have a deal with (brand name here), and we sell (brand name here) because it makes us the most money.”

If you’re okay with limiting your buying options to the one brand they’re in business with, that’s fine. It’s your choice.

But here’s the deal.

IT companies that deal with a broad range of hardware and software vendors in search of the best solutions for their customers are able to deliver more carefully tailored IT solutions to those clients and produce better efficiency outcomes for the clients’ processes.

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