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CryptolockerOur technical support team is currently seeing a lot of malicious email traffic containing the Cryptolocker malware that can encrypt your business’s data. The bulk of this traffic is coming through trusted free file share programs disguised as voicemail messages or faxes. Our team is taking all steps to ensure full blocking all known variants of this traffic but the spammers are changing up the messages rapidly.

It is incredibly important that you know not to open unsolicited emails and download files without confirming their sources. It’s also important that you back up your files frequently and, if you use a third-party back up system, make sure it will not overwrite your backup with the encrypted files.

As a reminder, Cryptolocker is an especially destructive virus that will encrypt all of your data. Cyber criminals then force you to pay to get the data back, with no assurance they will actually follow through if you do. For more information, please call our team immediately.

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