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Staying Secure in The Age of the Dark Web

If you are an active Internet user, you have likely heard of the “dark web,” or an unindexed network of websites that allows users to remain anonymous. Because of its anonymity, the dark web is often associated with criminal activity and other dangerous scams. Unsuspecting individuals’ personal information can be compromised on the dark web, leading to a series of privacy issues. The question is: what are the dangers of the dark web to everyday Internet users and what are the best ways to stay protected from potential hackers? The following recap of On Time Tech’s Tech Tip will shed light on the intricacies of the dark web and how you can ensure that your confidential information remains secure.

How Large is the Dark Web?

Because the dark web is discussed less than everyday email, social media and work websites that make up the “surface web,” it might be tempting to believe that its size is insignificant. However, this could not be further from the truth. The dark web is found within what is called the “deep web,” which constitutes 96% of the Internet compared to the surface web’s 4%. In fact, Forbes recently reported that there are 2 million active users on the browser TOR (The Onion Routing), which acts as the main browser on the dark web. The sheer size of this untrackable network suggests that many innocent Internet users could be targeted by ill-intentioned individuals on the dark web.

Protecting Yourself From Potential Risks

With over 80,000 unique sites on TOR’s browser, there is no shortage of opportunities for hackers to buy and sell confidential information such as credit card information, bank accounts, subscription credentials and software used to break into private devices. On Time Tech experts say there’s a good chance that some of your personal information is on the dark web without your knowledge — luckily, taking steps to protect yourself on the Internet isn’t complicated.

Trust Our IT Professionals

The best way to guarantee that your confidential information remains secure is to consult the experienced professionals at On Time Tech for a dark web scan. With almost 15 years of perfecting our IT services, we are eager to provide you with unbeatable technology solutions for your day-to-day operations. Simply fill out our short contact form, give us a call at (415) 294-5250 or email our helpful team at [email protected]. On Time Tech’s knowledgeable staff is equipped to keep your private information safe from malicious hackers on the dark web.

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