Computer Companies in San Francisco

Senior Field Technician

Bob has been working in the Tech Industry for over 20 years, and joined the On Time Tech team in 2016. As a field tech for OTT, Bob provides onsite support for our Southern California clients and all clients via the Support Desk. He realized he had a knack for working with computers at a young age and ended up making IT his full-time career. Bob is very easy going and has a good sense of humor. Feel free to tell him a joke when you call into the Support Desk or see him in the field!

Bob also has excellent taste in movies, ranging from anything in the Marvel Universe to science fiction icons like Star Wars and Star Trek. And, you’ll never catch him living without his computer, cell phone, and favorite staples of Diet Coke, iced tea, BBQ, sushi and summer fruit.

When Bob isn’t working, you can find him raising guide dogs with his wife for Guide Dogs of America or sharing the news about his new granddaughter! Bob is also a certified scuba diver and his interest in the ocean also lies in his very own salt water aquarium.