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Unisource Solutions, a leading furniture management and facilities services company, was founded in 1987 to provide a wide array of products and services designed to serve workplace needs. Unisource Solutions has over 400 dedicated employees throughout offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

When having separate IT companies for all of their locations became too burdensome, Unisource Solutions started searching for an IT company that could support all of their locations and their IT infrastructure.

Bob Breuing, CIO at Unisource Solutions, explained the need for On Time Tech’s extensive skillsets:

[On Time Tech] brings skill where they’re using all sorts of technologies often, and they’re able to support these technologies and support future changes/alternatives. If we grow out of something or something needs to be replaced, they’re the resource to tell me what I need to replace it with.”

The Situation & The Resolution

Unisource Solutions required an IT company that could support all of their locations and their IT infrastructure. For some office locations, certain employees work remotely. On Time Tech has the ability to support those mobile workers. When issues occur, On Time Tech can access the machines remotely and resolve the issues without visiting the office.

In addition, some of the office locations are fairly small. These smaller office locations don’t require a full-time IT company, which makes it difficult and unnecessary to hire separate IT companies or maintain in-house IT staff. On Time Tech supports these offices as necessary.

When Unisource Solutions was ready to replace Microsoft Hosted Exchange, On Time Tech assisted with the migration to Microsoft Office 365, a cost-efficient alternative to ensure communication and accessibility for 180 employees throughout the various office locations.

Unisource Solutions Expresses their Satisfaction with On Time Tech

As the Chief Information Officer at Unisource Solutions, Bob was thoroughly satisfied with On Time Tech’s ability to support their office locations. He remarked about the benefits of working with On Time Tech:

Supportiveness and Reliability

“[On Time Tech] doesn’t hold me to a charge as to what they will do as part of their contract services. We have a price per workstation agreement and it’s flexible on what that number of workstations is. If I ask them to help me with a printer or phone, things that blur the lines as to what is a contractual service vs. what isn’t a contractual service, they handle it. Even if they’re not contractually obligated to help or answer questions on something, they’ll help.”

On Time Tech is Unbeatable!

“They’ve done a great job on being a support group that doesn’t say ‘that’s outside of the parameters of our contract, we’ll have to charge extra for that.’ If you’re looking for a company that’s going to take care of everything, you can’t beat them.”

To learn more about our IT services and support, give us a call at (877) 270-1391 or send us an email at [email protected]. On Time Tech can provide unbeatable IT services and support for all of your IT requirements.

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