Computer Services in San Francisco

Remote Support & Systems Administration

Giovanni has been a member of the On Time Tech team for a year and a half, and has been working in the tech industry for over three years. At On Time Tech, Giovanni dips his hands in a little bit of everything. He performs server maintenance, rolls out and configures cloud backup software, assists with troubleshooting, performs system patching/updates, creates and runs scripts, and assists with special projects, among many other things.

Giovanni has been building and fixing computers since he was a kid, and has developed a keen interest in how different operating systems work such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. His interests also extend to scripting, automation, programming, virtualization, and being able to craft solutions to difficult problems. He enjoys the fact that there is an endless amount of learning to do in the world of technology and that there is always something new to tinker with.

In his spare time, Giovanni enjoys watching association football (especially the Tottenham Hotspurs) and the Blue Jays, going to music gigs and finding new bands, and playing difficult roguelike videogames. He also enjoys getting outdoors by hiking, walking, going on getaways and making time to visit the sea.