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Bare minimums are not our thing.

Why? The bare minimum of today will become the outdated standard of tomorrow.
On Time Tech will give you a solid footing that will enable you to meet today’s regulatory expectations and prepare you for what will be demanded of your organization in the future.

Maintaining security, managing risk, and navigating regulatory and information security compliance issues are daily challenges that can be overwhelming.

We’re here to make HIPAA compliance simple – for you.

Of course, meeting stringent regulations is not simple.
But we’ll make it simple – for YOU. How? We’ll set up your systems so they work flawlessly, meeting – and in most cases, exceeding – legislative expectations.

But it’s not just about compliance for you, is it?

It’s about your customers. It’s about securing their confidential information and ensuring their privacy.You care about your customers. We’ll make sure that your IT systems keep your promises to your customers.The truth is…

Sensitive data is always at a risk of being compromised.

That’s why regulatory compliance standards have been enacted. We’ll help you meet:

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

These regulations require organizations to continuously monitor their network in real-time, ensure stringent security, and provide network compliance audit reports on demand.

We provide a roadmap to compliance.

We’ll ASSESS your compliance program, ADDRESS your key requirements, and MAINTAIN your network and policies – reducing YOUR risk of future security breaches.

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