Computer Support in San Francisco

Luis is a dedicated troubleshooter with over 30 years of technology experience. He is passionate about developing technology solutions that provide On Time Tech clients with an “unfair” business advantage. He claims to hold a patent on the secret sauce that keeps our clients ahead of the business and technology curve.

Luis is intense about leveraging digital technologies to connect OTT clients with their own clients in invigorating and effective ways. As part of the support team at On Time Tech, he is responsible for understanding his client’s technology and business needs, and then making sure the two align. He does all this while keeping everyone confused with his warped sense of humor.

Prior to working at On Time Tech Luis entered the semi-retired life but still earned a fair amount as a free lance writer and a Telecom/Network tech. Luis successfully enjoyed the satisfaction of working in his pajamas with feet on the desk and a RockStar drink close by–he still works this way many nights a week. Luis also brings multiple certifications from AT&T, TCI, Viacom, ASE, Scientific Atlanta, and of course Microsoft.

When not working on computers and networks, you can probably find Luis at the Gym. He is passionate about his health and the health of others and probably spends more time thinking about this than he should.