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David Hansen has been a fantastic asset to the team at On Time Tech for over four years. He has well-developed skills for using and understanding today’s technology, as well as great customer service skills, in order to resolve technology issues effectively. He also has a deep interest in Windows and Linux operating systems, electronic engineering, and computer programming.

David was introduced to computers in the mid-80s on arguably the first true IBM PC clone, the Compaq Portable. His introduction to DOS and the command line interface at an early age deeply rooted his interest in the technology field. He learned skills and ideas that developed throughout his childhood and adolescence. David not only learned the ins and outs of the PC through this time, but also began system and network building through middle and high-school and partook in such extracurricular activities as C++ programming and robotics to pass the time.

During his sophomore year in high school, David joined the Willow Glen High School’s robotics class, where he helped design, build, and program a hand-built robot to compete in NASA’s F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition. This was his school’s first year participating in the battle, and his team took 8th place.

David was born and raised in San Jose, heart of the Silicon Valley, where he continues to enjoy servicing computer systems, repairing automobiles, and designing the occasional one-off electronic gizmo to fill a void where no other product may exist. He enjoys a quiet evening at home with his family while writing code for a project, tinkering on a broken device, or just having a good un-wind at the sticks of his Xbox.

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