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Nicky joined the On Time Tech team in mid-2017 as our new Service Coordinator. Nicky triages and organizes all tickets logged with OTT, ensures that client issues are addressed quickly and remotely by the best available tech, and arranges on-site visits for clients if necessary. Nicky says she enjoys working for On Time Tech because the people on the team are all very dedicated to their roles and have a wonderful sense of humor. What interests Nicky most about working in IT is how the automation of everyday tasks can save us so much time, but does note that we can also lose so much of the details when we automate.

Nicky has been in the IT Industry for almost two decades. For the first few years, she worked as a software trainer, then moved onto Database/Application Development and then onto Project Management. Just prior to working for On Time Tech, Nicky spent 3 years developing an application to be used as an interface between a text order and the final product – Care Labels. All the care labels on your clothing or your soft furnishings may very well exist because of the application she developed!

When Nicky is not working for OTT, she enjoys being creative with activities such as pottery and refurbishing furniture, and enjoys doing large 5,000-piece puzzles. She is also a huge fan of Nutella and chocolate, and is a Candy Crush addict!

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