Part of leading a business – or an IT department – is making certain that data loss doesn’t destroy your business.

Unfortunately, businesses go under… Not because they don’t have good people at the top, but because their data has been compromised, lost, or stolen. When did you last test your business backups? Do you have a business continuity plan in place? Does it include a holistic approach and an annual review? You should. More than 50% of businesses that suffer a major data loss never recover.

Protect the future security and stability of your business today.

You need to fortify your data against man-made and natural disasters. Why?
You can’t control the weather. You can’t control human error, disgruntled employees, or criminal actors. We offer Business Continuity Planning including remote, offsite backup, and data recovery services.

On Time Tech will set you up for secure data storage, quick recovery, and business continuity.

Don’t let your business fail. Take the proper steps now. Keep your hard work protected.
We’re the company already trusted by Bay Area businesses. We’re here to make business continuity simple for you and your staff.

Let us worry about caring for your data..

We’ll put together a rock-solid Business Continuity plan for you… So you can focus on the daily issues and big-picture strategies of running your business.

On Time Tech is your One Click & Fixed San Francisco Managed IT Services & IT Support Company.

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